WD-40 Multi use Aerosol Review

wd 40 smart straw review

WD-40 is basically a protective spray. It is a mixture of chemical concentrate suspended in a high grade petroleum distillate that plays an amazing role in preserving metals. This is an excellent multi-purpose product which can be used for many problems. It is huge and will take a huge space in your tool box but at […]

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Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil review

kano kroil penetrating oil review

Kroil is penetrating oil, well-approved by industry. No substitute has been found of this oil till date. It is used by 480 of the fortunate 500 companies. Kroil was discovered in scientific laboratory of Kano and till then the product is selling like hot cakes. It has the efficiency to creep into millionth inch of […]

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A thorough review of the most popular Penetrating Oils 2018

penetrating oil buyers guide

​If you want to find an effective penetrating oil, you need to dig deep thorugh the popular penetrating oils available in the market. Penetrating oils can be a good help in maintaining and removing rusty materials and breaking rusted stuck nuts and bolts of machinery.A ​summary of the best penetrating lubricants 2018Product Image​Product namePrice Range​Our Rating​Latest […]

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