The Best Air Impact Wrench

The Best Air Impact Wrench

Pneumatic impact wrenches are associated with workshops where cars and tires replacement and repairs happen. And every time you think about these tools, mechanics and rubber workers appear in your mind.

While it is true that this is an essential part in these areas, we also find many uses of air impact wrenches in agriculture, construction, iron and steel, mining and any activity that requires removing or placing nuts, bolts, and bolts.

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Mannesmann M1503

26.5 x 25.5 x 9 cm

4 kg

Silverline 719770

22.5 x 8.5 x 20.5 cm

2.33 kg

Introduction to Air Impact Wrench

Pneumatic impact wrenches operate through a compressed air system, through which the wrench takes the necessary impulse force to do the job effectively.

There are all kinds, from the smallest to be handled by a single person to larger and industrial requiring two operators.

But all of them, especially the newest ones, have ergonomic designs and have advanced a lot in the comfort of the user so that it does not require so much workforce.

If you need to extract nuts, bolts or bolts with very deep oxidation, what you need is an impact wrench because they have a special power for this type of work.

In short, these are high impact tools with durability and robustness essential to meet the highest demands.

In this guide that follows we offer you a selection with the best air impact wrenches of the moment.

The Best Adjustable Wrenches Review

Mannesmann M1503

It is a set of pneumatic impact wrenches of a size of ½", made up of 15 pieces and ten dies of the medium impact made of chrome-vanadium steel.

For the storage, it comes with a convenient case with all parts perfectly arranged. It is ideal for transporting the tool to where the user needs to do the work.

It has the power of compressed air that makes it ideal both for domestic or craft work and for greater demands in the industrial sector.

Its high impact mechanism allows the pneumatic pistol to always work in optimum conditions and with excellent results.

It has a very comfortable system so that the user can change the different tools in the workpiece holder in a simple and fast way.

It is handy in the mechanical workshop or the preparation of racing cars, as well as for assembly lines, home DIY or the agricultural sector.

It is the kit with everything you need and more for jobs that require the action of an excellent pneumatic gun. It has many pieces of different sizes, so you have everything you need.


  • Suitable for both professional workshop and domestic work
  • Quick coupler and open-end wrench
  • check
    Has a comfortable system
  • check
    Easy to transport
  • Must store far from the reach of children

Silverline 719770

It is a high power pneumatic impact wrench designed for home DIY and all types of work that we need to do at home.

It has a square shaft and the ability to adjust up to 4 different positions to regulate the flow of air needed for the impact.

Through a sophisticated clutch mechanism, the changes of direction of rotation of the key are carried out with absolute fluidity.

It comes with the possibility of adjusting up to 4 different positions for the airflow we need for the job. In this way, we can customize the strength of the key according to our needs. Take note that the included 1/4″ quick connector is for use in both the UK and Europe.

A tool that, although for domestic use, allows a depth of 170 mm and a no-load speed of 7,000 min-1.


  • Dog oscillation clutch mechanism
  • check
    4-stage air/torque control
  • check
    ATA power
  • Exclusive for domestic use only

Einhell DSS 260/1

This set with impact wrenches that operate through the compressed air system comes with 11 pieces of tube, all in a practical briefcase for proper order and convenient transport.

It is a robust and compelling product, equipped with a 12.7 mm percussion mechanism (equivalent to 1.2 inches) and a non-slip rubber handle for greater grip and to ensure a comfortable and safe work.

It has a force of 312 Nm and an impact power that can be adjusted up to 4 speeds.

Due to its high performance and superior power, this pneumatic impact wrench is ideal for changing vehicle wheels quickly.

With an impact power that is adjustable in up to 4 different speeds, the tool achieves versatility such as to be effective in the mechanical garage, industrial workshop or domestic work. A more than guaranteed service life thanks to a solid casing made of die-cast aluminium.


  • Versatile and robust
  • check
    Perfect for both domestic, mechanical and even large-scale industrial levels
  • check
    Has convenient carrying case for easy transport and tidy storage
  • check
    Non-slip rubber handle
  • May spit oil when it needs lubrication


All the best air impact wrenches have its pros and cons, so it is essential to determine which one works the best for you. In choosing the most useful air impact wrench for your task, consider these things:


A pneumatic impact wrench should not only be useful for a rubber shop or a mechanical workshop but should also be versatile enough to be used in all types of sectors.

The most diverse industries require the services of pneumatic impact wrenches. Whichever sector we work in, we should not doubt that having a tool of this type will solve many problems.


The power of compressed air propulsion is vital for the pneumatic impact wrench to perform its function faithfully.

When extracting or placing the parts we need, we must be confident that our tool will perform at its best and make us feel the minimum effort.


Like any manual tool, it must be designed according to an ergonomic design from all aspects to satisfy the comfort of the operator.

It must be faithfully adapted to the hands, to body movements and have all its operability depending on the user.


When working with the use of force and at industrial levels (and, therefore, at high demands), it is understood that a pneumatic impact wrench must be robust.

For this, it must be made with the best materials to ensure its maximum durability over the years, to always have it with us in our workshop.

Do not use the Einhell product if you only need the best air impact wrench that exclusive for domestic use. You can opt for the Silverline product for that. If you want a flexible one, Mannesmann may be the one you need.

As we said before, there are pneumatic impact wrenches for all tastes and all varieties.

However, there are some characteristics that every pneumatic impact wrench, regardless of model, must meet to be of good quality.


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