The Best Multi-tools

The Best Multi-tools

The technology of the inventor of the multi-tools has proven itself for years, as well as the abundance accessories and its robust construction.

For tricky jobs in almost inaccessible places, a multi-tool with its variety of different tools is the first choice. Due to its size and the enormous versatility with the many attachments available, such a multi-tool is particularly suitable for filigree work, but less so for large-scale projects.

Here is everything you need to know about various multi-tools that you might want to invest in.

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Dremel 4200

15.2 x 10.2 x 3.8 inches

80 ounces

Proxxon 28515

6.5 x 11.4 x 1.6 inches

12.6 ounces

Einhell TH-MG 135 E

13.4 x 8.7 x 5.1 inches

70.56 ounces

The Best Multi-Tools Review

Dremel 4200

Processing and Accessories:

The sturdy case of the Dremel 4200 bursts with accessories. In addition to the Dremel 4200 with EZ Change (the quick-change accessory system for multifunction tools), the set includes four attachments:

  • Beam guide attachment
  • Circular and parallel cutter
  • Modeling table
  • check
    Comfort protection

In addition to these attachments, a further 75 Dremel original accessories such as different grinding, cutting and polishing attachments in various designs are included in the package.

The machine and accessories are systematically stored in the case so that a quick glance is often enough to find the attachments for the various tasks. All you have to do is select the desired thickness, size or surface of the grinding or polishing attachment.

Extensively Equipped and Well Processed

The EZ-Change ensures fast and, above all, tool-free attachment changeover, short changeover times mean flexible and fast working here as well. The attachments are simply screwed on and, if necessary, secured in position with a screw. Here, too, a suitable tool is included in the case.

The 4200 itself lies on the hand very comfortably thanks to the soft grip coating, the tool holder and the operating elements, such as the on-switch and speed setting, are ergonomically positioned.

It is nice that the wheel for setting the speed does not display any imaginary setting steps, but the selected speed - this allows room for practical work.

The sustainability of this machine is demonstrated by the fact that the engine coals can be easily changed; this is as easy as replacing a glass fuse on other tools, the matching screwdriver is also included in the scope of delivery.

The standard mounted attachment is only a protection for the fingers and can remain attached for many jobs. Otherwise, it can only be unscrewed by hand and exchanged for one of the other four included attachments.

There are various grinding wheels with different grain sizes and different shapes available for this purpose. The Dremel works most effectively at places that are no longer accessible for grinding by hand or with regular tools.

The Dremel Goes As Far As Where Large Tools Can’t

For large, easily accessible surfaces, working with the relatively small tools of the Multitool is too tedious in the long run.

It also applies to the subsequent polishing. The Dremel is used where you can no longer reach it by hand or with a massive tool. Polishing discs are available in different sizes, and they are also screwed to the spindle in no time at all, which in turn is fastened to the Dremel chuck without tools.

The speed is preset, the scale in plain text is beneficial again this time because the knurled wheel shows the set speed pretty accurate, and not a simple scale which can only be associated with the set speed to a limited extent.

Moreover, the Dremel 4200 is also ideally suited for permanent work, attach the optionally available flexible shaft, hang the machine on the hook, and you have a stationary one.


  • Suitable for difficult jobs
  • Lots of accessories and equipment
  • Comparatively expensive

Proxxon 28515

Proxxon sells the 28515 set decidedly as a model maker and engraving set. Also, here it is a handy machine with turning spindle in contrast to multifunction devices with oscillating tool attachment.

Thanks to the smaller motor, the MICROMOT 50/E is even handy. However, the MICROMOT is powered by a power supply unit with only 12 volts, which makes it more compact on the one hand, but it is not that powerful. Hence, cut-off wheels and other heavy equipment are not great for the tool.


  • Small and handy
  • Less power

Einhell TH-MG 135 E

The Einhell TH-MG 135 E also comes with both a telescopic stand and a flexible shaft so that it can be used both for mobile and stationary. The Einhell set costs considerably less than the famous Dremel.

On the other hand, the Einhell multi-tool also has less power, although it is also operated directly on the mains.

Even the case doesn't leave such a high-quality impression, despite the soft grip coating. The Einhell set still is more of an alternative for the small wallet and manageable tasks.


  • Very cheap
  • Good equipment for the price
  • Mediocre processing


The Dremel 4200 convinces with the most versatile equipment in the set and the high-quality workmanship. The Dremel can also be combined with other Dremel accessories. The Dremel is comfortable and safe to use, too.

If you want to do small jobs like engraving, then the Proxxon 28515 may be the right one for you. It does not have the power of the Dremel and is therefore not equipped with attachments for more demanding work. On the other hand, it is more filigree and can do the even fiddlier job than the Dremel.

If you don't have a problem with less power and mediocre workmanship, then the TH-MG 135 E set from Einhell is an inexpensive alternative to our test winner. Simple to average tasks can also be easily mastered with Einhell. It is suitable for the tight budget.

Multi-function tools should be mentioned which do not cause the device to rotate but to oscillate, which is why these machines are called oscillating multi-function tools. The tool attachments are limited to grinding, scraping, polishing as well as cutting and sewing work as far as possible. Due to the oscillating movements and the distinctive shape of the tools, they are particularly suitable for cutting and grinding work that is difficult to access.

An oscillating triangular grinder can be used to scrape off paint or glue from carpets. The cutting attachments can also be used to cut partially assembled plasterboard panels to size or to shorten nails, screws and other fasteners close to the wall—just among other tasks.

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