Bionaire Air Purifier Reviews

If you read Bionaire air purifier reviews, then it won't be long before you realize that this is a company that people really love. While we would be more than happy to recommend any of the products in the Bionaire range, there is one that seems to stand head and shoulders above all the others. This is the mini tower air purifier, which, luckily for you, we are going to talk about on this page.

Bionaire Germ-Reducing UV Mini Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter
  • Permanent HEPA-Type Filtration and includes optional ionizer
  • UV Germ Reducing Technology which helps remove and reduce germs, bacteria, mold, and fungi
  • 3 Speed Settings (low, medium, high) which gives options for various climate conditions
  • Slim Tower Design with Electronic Controls


One thing that gets picked up a lot in Bionaire Air Purifiers reviews are just how small this tower is. It stands at

just 21-inches tall. Despite the short size, it is able to cover a whopping 85-square feet. So, this would easily keep the air purified in the average room of most homes. The slim size and neutral look ensure that you can place it pretty much anywhere that you want in your room without any issues. It is portable, so just move it from room to room if you wish, ensuring that you are always going to be breathing the cleanest possible air!

There are three different speed settings on this is a true HEPA type air purifier. This means that you can choose the perfect setting for your environment. All of these can be controlled from the touch-button control panel. There is no included remote control, but since you will hardly ever be playing with the settings this shouldn't be that much of an issue.

This air purifier comes complete with UV technology. This ensures that the air purifier is able to blast those germs, fungi, mold, and any other sickness-causing pathogen out of existence.

Ultimately, you will be ending up breathing far cleaner air. The HEPA filter is fantastic at catching all that dust and other allergens that may be floating around your home. If you wish, you can switch that ionizer on. This means that it is going to do an even better job at purifying the air. We know that there are some people that don't like ionizers, so it is brilliant that you can switch it on and off at will.

The only major downside to this air purifier is the fact that the HEPA filter is permanent. Now, don't get us wrong. This is a brilliant filter. It is going to last you years. However, once your filter has died, that is the end of it. You will need to pick up a whole new air purifier. That will be a long time down the line, though. We suppose that you can take joy in the fact that you don't have to constantly be picking up replacement filters. All you need to do is give it a vacuum every now and then.


  • Small size, but covers a huge area
  • Fantastic HEPA filter
  • UV technology
  • Ionizer
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Permanent air filter
  • No remote control

Bionaire Air Purifier Review Verdict:

As any other Bionaire air purifier reviews will tell you, this product is absolutely fantastic. It keeps the air nice and clean, while not taking up that much space in the home. The low price means that it is going to be brilliant for those that are sticking to a budget too.


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