Four Ways to Use Your 3D Printed Moon Lamp

So you went with the hippest trend in lamps and got yourself a 3D Printed Moon Lamp, and now you’re actually thinking what else to do with it. It’s safe to say that trends aren’t really reasons to invest or shell out some of your savings for, but there are exceptions. Sure these 3D Printed Moon Lamps are basically lamps or night lights that look almost exactly like the moon itself. It’s pretty, it looks realistic and it adds a great touch of whimsy. But what if it’s not just about that? What if you can use it for so many other things, too?

Think of it this way: If you can use it for more than just its purpose, it’s a good deal. So, yes, it may be all worth it in the end. Right?

Right. Because there are 4 ways for you to use your 3D Printed Moon Lamp.


  • Use your 3D Printed Moon Lamp for creative shoots


Every person has got to have their own photo shoot, or at least go through one in their whole life. It’s something so simple, yet it makes up for a wonderful memory. Nowadays, a creative photo shoot (or even video shoot) is used as a tool to mark special events and chapters of one’s life. Are you graduating? You’re going to have a shoot. Are you getting married? It’s time for a “Pre-Nup” shoot. Are you having a baby? Have a maternity shoot. It may be a little extravagant for some, but having your life milestones turn into print or video is something always worth having.

With the countless photo and video shoot inspirations across the Internet, it’s no surprise that most people would end up copying another’s theme. Why not make it a little more personal and creative by using your own 3D Printed Moon Lamp as one of your props.

Let me paint you a picture.

It’s your Pre-Nup photo shoot and you’re all dressed up. Have all the fun shoot ideas during the day, but at night, here’s the idea: Find a lot with some grass, preferably with a decent background. Put out your 3D Printed Moon Lamp and let it glow. You and your partner can hold it up together as a symbol that finally, you’ll be watching the same moon together than apart.

Let your photographer or videographer get creative with ideas using the moon lamp. It will surely add a touch of mystery and enchantment to your shots.


  • Decorate your home or office with your 3D Printed Moon Lamp


So you’re decorating, and you want to be more unique with the pieces you put in your home or office? Say no more. 3D Printed Moon Lamps are so hip and trending because of its realistic resemblance to the moon itself. It looks beautiful, it’s functional, plus it acts as more than just your regular night light.

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home office or your bedroom, a 3D Printed Moon Lamp is surely the way to go. Lit or not, it looks very magical.


  • Be baby trendy with a 3D Printed Moon Lamp mobile


If you want your baby to have the most magical experience with his/her crib, then having a 3D Printed Moon Lamp is definitely the way to go. Most 3D Printed Moon Lamp you can buy nowadays comes with a string and a mount. Let your inner DIY skills out and give your son or daughter the moon. After all, he/she is your universe.


  • Gift your family and friends with an awesome 3D Printed Moon Lamp


Last but certainly not the least, 3D Printed Moon Lamps are the best presents you can give your loved ones. Moon Lamps would be a great gift for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries and housewarmings. It’s universal, functional and very beautiful.


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