How and Where to Dispose Kitchen Knives?

In the kitchen, you need the best tools to achieve excellent results in the preparations. Undoubtedly, knives are among the priorities when choosing kitchen utensils. This represents the main ally of every cook, leaving aside the experience of the cook.

Now, even the best kitchen knives have a finite lifespan. At some point, its edge ceases to be as effective. It may be time to start thinking about discarding it. Still, it is a delicate item for its edge. Then, it is logical that the question of where to discard the old kitchen knife arises.

How to prepare them before disposal?

It is important to know how to dispose of them. The ideal is to wrap the knife edge with bubble wrap to ensure safety and make it firmer useful to apply tape.
Also, another option for old knife disposal is cardboard. Wrapping it in thick cardboard can be ideal. Other materials such as an old newspaper, old clothes, or cloth can be useful. However, in case of using the latter should be applied several layers to ensure safety. Do not just simply discard the metal knives in a trash bag.

Now, having the knives in optimal conditions for disposal, it is time to choose where to throw them away.

kitchen knife

Where to take them?

Garbage collector

In case you want to dispose of it with the usual garbage collector, it is useful to put it in a sealed cardboard box and leave it in the garbage place. This will protect the garbage collector's integrity.

Recycling Center

In another case, it may be ideal for recycling unwanted knives. For this, contact a local recycling center and ask about their policies and follow recycling steps. This is a way to support the reduction of pollution on the planet.

Specialized knife sharpener

On the other hand, many times, you want to discard unwanted knives that only need maintenance to be useful again. In that case, you can contact a specialized knife sharpener to give their professional opinion and determine if the knife can be sharpened and continue to be used.

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Knife Donation

On the other hand, if you want to discard it for a replacement issue and still have a useful life, then a donation is a good alternative. It can be donated to a charitable foundation, a local institution, or a friend who needs a knife. In any case, the idea is that the new owner resharpens the blade for it to make the best use.

Selling at a scrap center

Finally, getting some money out of the knife can also be a possibility. Different places buy knives as scrap depending on the material with which it is made. Then, if you have a knife of quality steel, you can get some money to cover the cost of its replacement.

In short, the fact of discarding a knife is a simple task that merits certain safety precautions by the fact of having an edge that may represent a problem for those who must handle it.

Last Updated on April 26, 2021 by Nelson