How Often Should You Clean Your Gun

It is a fact that in case you own a weapon such as a handgun, cleaning should be at regular intervals. Not cleaning the gun will be negligent on the part of the user. Even though you might not be shooting a lot, not performing gun cleaning can harm your firearm weapon in the long run. The question might arise in your mind regarding how often you should clean your gun and why. In this article, we have provided an answer to this question.

Why should you clean your dirty gun?

The simple reason is that it becomes dirty. You might be using corrosive ammo for your gun, which might leave some dirty residue after each firing. Although there are many types of deposits, the most common is carbon. Every single time you are firing the gun, there is a buildup of carbon within it.

Other residue types can be trace pieces of metal which the corrosive ammo used by you might leave behind. However, it is not that common, and most of the time, you will be cleaning residual carbon.

Another significant reason for regular cleaning your handgun will be to get rid of any rust from it. Your firearm weapon will be exposed to dampness in case it is used outdoors. Nevertheless, even without rainfall, the gun will be exposed to water present in the air.

Once the gun's metal becomes exposed to moisture, it might start oxidizing, leading to rust formation. The presence of rust is not desirable on a pistol, particularly if it is within the barrel.

How often should you clean your gun?

The simple answer to this question will be to perform a light gun cleaning after each shooting session and deep cleaning several times every year. In case you are shooting every weekend, deep cleaning will be required more often.

How often should the gun be oiled?

There are a couple of reasons for lubricating your handgun. In case you perform intense firing quite frequently, it will be sensible to perform a thorough cleaning and apply gun oil to the pistol at least once every week.

clean your gun

On the other hand, if you just conceal carry the weapon without firing, oiling will be recommended once every month.

It will also depend on where you reside. Moisture can be considered an enemy of any gun, and therefore, you should consider the time you spent in a humid environment. If it is so, make it a point to perform gun cleaning and lubricating once every week.

What might happen if your gun is not cleaned?

Now that you have the answer on how often you should clean your gun, we will assert what might happen if it is not cleaned regularly. Although it might be acceptable to skip 1 or 2 gun cleaning sessions, it should not become a part of your habit. Instead, make it a point to clean the gun at least two times every month.

In case the gun is dirty because of the usage of corrosive ammo or any other reason, the components inside the gun can become rusted over time. Eventually, it can result in the handgun's misfiring, or it might not function properly.

how often should you clean your gun

Is it harmful to clean your weapon too often?

It is a fact that your gun will not become damaged if it is cleaned quite often. Every time gun cleaning is performed, you will be removing harmful residue and debris that might cause significant damage. Therefore, there is no such thing as too often.

However, you might be cleaning the weapon too many times incorrectly. Not lubricating using the proper oil or not using the proper types of brushes can damage the frame and other components. This can make them more vulnerable to rust, and your carry pistol might become useless in the long run.

Should you clean a gun that you are not using?

Lots ask this question of individuals out there. Yes, it will be imperative to clean a gun that you are not using. Debris and dust can nevertheless accumulate inside the chamber even though the weapon might be stored in a safe location. However, there is no need for you to perform gun cleaning quite frequently.

Last Updated on April 26, 2021 by Nelson