How to Choose the right Foam Pads for Car Polishing

There are a variety of foam pads useful when polishing your car. Each serves a specific function, of course, depending on the condition of the surface to be applied and the shape, either using an electric polisher or a manual polishing pad.

Simple and Useful

The foam pad, foam mop or polishing pad is an essential accessory for polishers to use for cleaning, polishing metallic and lacquered surfaces. However, the use of this accessory is mostly intended for the improvement of car paints.

The different types of the pad are designed to perform specific tasks depending on the state of the area you want to fix. It serves to eliminate defects such as small scratches, spots or orange peel in the paint and to give an excellent shine to polish cars. If you would discover and rusted bolts or screws, be sure to check our guide on the best penetrating oil, having some good old penetrating oil at home will surely come in handy one day.

Foam pads are of great importance because they provide a glossy finish to the paint by doing so with the right liquid.

Also, this accessory is characterized by its technical simplicity. Since we integrate it to the polisher, we only have to place it in the center of support, and with the disk adapter, fix these two complements to the nozzle of the machine. The stability of the pad is tested by turning on the device, and if all goes well, then it is ready to perform its functions.

Choosing the right pad will always depend on the condition of the paint. The variety of pads is extensive; you should know the abrasiveness of each one and if it corresponds with the current state of the car. Failure to use the correct one could ruin the paintwork.

Foam Pads

Types of Foam Pads

1. Cutting pad 

These are responsible for correcting severe damage to polish cars, and among the first to be used in the polishing process to remove the highlight details and gradually polish the vehicle.

Within this category of cut there are different formats:

  • Strong ones are for more noticeable damage.
  • Average defects that can come out without having to use the strong cut.
  • Then, the one for slight flaws that come out quickly.

2. Strong polishing pad 

Its porosity is more abrasive than others. You need a polisher to use it. It also has a Velcro base.

3. Medium Pad

A pad of medium hardness, and with a fine pore.

4. Soft Pad

It is quite smooth, and has fine pores for a final touch. Like the others, it includes a Velcro closure.

5. Polishing pad

It is used for the final finish of the polishing process.

For pads there are also waxes or foams that adapt:

  • Cutting has a strong cut and is used with sponges that have the same function.
  • Polishing is responsible for giving the polish that is sought in the car, combined of course with the right pad. It achieves the desired brightness.
  • Cerium oxide is an ideal powder to remove scratches, as the chemical and physical reaction acts on the surface, eliminating imperfects more easily.

There are also other types of foam pad that can be used for other tasks, in addition to polishing cars:

  • There is a kit of sponges or pads that are used to clean different surfaces; they also come in various polishing grammage. There are sponge and wool, being able to rub anything you need to improve the appearance and surface.
  • There are special kits for polishing boats. They have resistant elements designed to work the saltpeter that wears down the surface of the vessel and give it the desired shine. They usually come in a suitcase kit that allows you to use it step by step according to your location.
  • Pad for manual use or also known as tassels, mop or tow, depending on many countries, are comfortable and easy to use. It is perfect for hand polishing and removing light scratches and other surface defects in the paint.
  • The pad of lamb leather that is used to polish professionally with a machine. It has the advantage of reducing the temperature in the polishing.

Ideal Foam Pad to Polish Your Car

It is essential to know which foam pad to use to polish cars, but it is also important to consider the polisher you need.

clean car

If you are worried about which polisher to use, learn about the difference of an electric one or a wireless one to see what suits your needs best.

You should choose a polisher that offers you the guarantee of its function. If you're going to polish at home, it is a good idea not to use a drill or other rotating tool that looks like it might give you the solution. It could take you longer, or worse, ruin the paint.

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