Home Improvement: How to Decorate your Dining Room

The decoration of the dining room implies a series of aspects that you must take into account before undertaking the task. It is a question of harmonizing all the elements to obtain a pleasant and cozy set. The objective is to create a charming and cozy room, where everything blends and all the activities are carried out smoothly, even if space is reduced. If you are into a bit more modern and wild decoration, you should check out our Moon Lamp Review, i personally love them and there is a good chance you might too!

Steps to follow:

Step 1

The dining room is a meeting space, where the family gets together to enjoy meals, so it must provide enough space to eat comfortably and to circulate around the table. The incorporation of shelves allows you to store objects and can free us from the need for side tables.

Step 2

The furniture in the dining room decoration: The recommended furniture for small dining rooms are those with straight lines and simple, integrated shapes.

Step 3

The table is the dominant element in the dining room, you should always leave 70cm between the table and the rest of the furniture, and each diner requires 60cm of space. In small areas, you can lean the table to one of the walls, which loses one of the spaces for diners.

Kitchen and Dining Table

Step 4

When the dining room is integrated into the kitchen, they will be separated by a hatch or bar. When it is incorporated into the living room, you can separate it from the living room using a base unit.

Step 5

For the decoration of the dining room, we will use light colors, which can be white, or pastel tones, or warm but light tones, as they bring energy to the environment, but you must choose them in such a way that they provoke a sensation of amplitude.

Dining Area

Step 6

If the dining room is the first room of the house, it also serves as a foyer, to delimit the access area, you can place a low piece of furniture next to or in front of the door, even a coat rack, an umbrella stand, a wardrobe for the coats, depending on the space you have.

Step 7

The curtains can be combined with the cushions of the chairs so you will gain homogeneity.

Step 8​

It is crucial to have one sideboard for crockery, which can be replaced or supplemented by shelves.

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nelson