How To Dry Wet Wood Fast

Wet wood occurs in a house on the wood floor, windows, door frames, stairs, floor joists, and wall studs. This damp wood appears when water pipes break or overflow or in other wet conditions. Wet wood or a wet wall can recover if you remove the water or the moisture content as soon as possible. The longer the wood or seasoned wood is wet, the more likely it is to rot or develop mold growth and mildew. The drying process of the wood requires increasing air circulation in the affected area. In case you are looking to become more efficient at wood chipping, be sure to check our article on the best log splitter under $1000.

wet furniture

Step 1

Open all doors and windows in the room with wet wood, damp wood, or any wood in wet conditions or throughout the building if the moisture level is widespread.

Step 2

Remove other damp objects from the house, increase indoor humidity, and prevent the wood or lumber from drying.

Step 3

Dry with a mop or towel any accumulation of water.

Step 4

Air drying. Insert a box fan into the frame of one of the drafty windows, facing into the room. Plug the cord into an electrical outlet and turn the fan on. Let it continuously run to draw outside air into the building and dry the moisture content.

Step 5

Place cinder blocks at equidistant intervals on any portion of the floor that is damp. The weight of the blocks will prevent ripples or warping as the water evaporates from the wood. Also, open wooden drawers and cabinets to prevent dry wood from warping.

Step 6

Place a dehumidifier in the room where the wood or lumber is wet or in each room if necessary. Turn it on and let it run constantly. Check the water reservoir once an hour and empty it as water accumulates.

How To Dry Wet Wood Fast

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