How to Fix the Façade of a Small House

First impressions count, and not just when you meet a person. The facade is the first thing that others will see of your house. Even when it is small, it is essential to keep it in good condition and strive to give it an original touch that shows at a glance that your home has a lot of personalities.

If you are bored of the appearance of the front of your home and you are encouraged to try new ideas, we give you some good suggestions to discover how to fix the facade of a small house.

Home Ideas

Steps to follow:

  • Mediterranean façades have an incredible charm, but they are also achieved in a very simple way, especially when the external design of your house is simple. You only have to paint your home white, choose a vivid color for the door (usually blue) and place some plants and flowers in warm colors such as bougainvillea. This look is perfect for small, cozy but stylish homes.
  • The most colorful will find a great option in Latin American colonial-style facades: light or dark wooden doors and walls painted in warm colors such as yellow, crimson or orange. The plants and the combination of tones result in a house full of style and warmth.
  • Country style has been around for decades and will probably never go out of style when it comes to decoration. This type of facades are perfect in small houses because they are cozy and very simple to achieve, just arm yourself with paint in warm colors and many plants, you can also place bricks or sheets of wood to give a little more country style.
  • For those who have simple facades and are looking for a nice change, there is no doubt that this beach style is a great option. White and wood are the keys that, together with the colorful plants, will give the facade of your house a beautiful appearance.
  • It is clear that to achieve a modern façade, the investment of money must be much greater: decorative elements such as stairs, wooden or steel panels and large windows are the key to this look that will undoubtedly leave all your guests breathless.
  • And for those who prefer to be in touch with nature and live in places where green reigns, the rustic façade style is undoubtedly an excellent choice for large and small houses. Stone is the key, large wooden windows, plants and decorative elements that combine with this rustic appearance and at the same time very simple—a beautiful alternative.

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nelson