Simple Tricks on How to Plug Small Holes in the Wall

After hanging a poster, painting or any other decorative item with thumbtacks or nails on the wall, there are always a few small holes that can be unsightly. Therefore, it is necessary to hide them if you want your wall to look smooth and pleasant again.

Covering these marks is a task that anyone can do and it is not necessary to call a professional to do so, but you do need to know the best ways to do it.

Toothpaste for plugging small holes in walls

Repairing small holes in the walls is an activity for which it is not necessary to be a great expert in DIY to achieve an excellent result, as you only need patience and a little toothpaste. If the hole in your wall is small, it will be enough to spread a small amount of toothpaste over the hole in your wall and wait until the material has completely dried out.

In this easy, quick and cheap way, you will have managed to recover your wall and make it look like the first day. Although if your wall is not white, today's task will not end here, as you will then have to apply a small amount of paint to disguise the mark of the toothpaste.

A tip to save on paint can be to use white color and with a little dye get the desired shade. In this easy way, you will have made your wall look like freshly painted.

Toothpaste for plugging small holes

But do not forget that these simple tricks only work when the hole is small. For the biggest holes and cracks, you will have to go to your DIY store and buy special putty to fill the walls. In these cases more, consistent materials are needed.

Putty to cover small holes in the wall

Even if it is a small mark on a wall, it is evident that it will be more useful to use the materials really suitable for repairing walls. Thus, we recommend that you take advantage of putty if you have it at home because you have needed it on other occasions, or if you buy it new at a DIY store or similar.

You will have to prepare the mixture, apply it in the small hole in the wall, smooth it and wait until the material has dried completely. And then, spread a thin layer of paint that matches the color of your wall.

As we promised, this is a very easy, fast and cheap task. So get to work and get ready to recover any wall in your home that has been marked by nails or thumbtacks.

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nelson