LOGROTATE 16 Colors RGB Moon Lamp Review

A moon aglow during a crip evening out is a breathtaking picture as it is. What if you can have that right inside your house?

LOGROTATE GLOBAL has come out with a 3D printed moon lamp so you could have that picturesque experience anywhere, anytime. Their 3D printed LED moon lamp is an amazing moon lamp that took the Number 1 spot in New Releases in Nursery Lights and has been rated as this year’s Favorite Valentine Gift by Amazon. It has a wide range of RGB colors, it has touch control features and it’s even got a remote! Sounds amazing, right? Well, we’re only getting started.

The LOGROTATE 3D moon lamp measures 5.9 inches and is made with innovative 3D printing technology. The materials used to create this moon lamp are all approved by the FDA, so it’s safe to say that it’s environmentally friendly and non-toxic. To ensure a realistic appearance, valuable satellite images of the moon were used. The recreation of the moon’s surface gives a very authentic charm. The LOGROTATE 3D moon lamp is also very durable and cannot be easily broken. It’s another reason why you could definitely gift this to children.

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16 RGB colors are available to turn your ordinary day to an enchanting one in an instant. This 3D moon lamp gives you the option to be in awe of the colors in flashing or fading transition. Now that’s something the real moon doesn’t have. Imagine lying in bed with a show  of different colors from your glowing moon lamp. Very magical, isn’t it?

Along with this incredible feature, the LOGROTATE 3D moon lamp also comes with its very own remote control which can be used for a number of ways. You can change the light colors and how they transition from one color to the next as well as adjust the moon lamp’s brightness using the remote control. As long as the remote control is not more than 10 feet away from the moon lamp and that there are no obstacles, you can control your lamp just fine. The remote control will work once the moon lamp’s button is switched on. There will be a thin sheet of plastic on the remote control’s button and that has to be removed first to be able to allow it to work. Once you get it to work, just have fun playing with the features and you will surely be left mesmerized.

Like the other moon lamps, the LOGROTATE moon lamp comes with a USB cable for charging. Charging the moon lamp would usually take about 2 hours which will give you 6 to 12 hours of working time, depending of course on the brightness setting. The LOGROTATE moon lamp also comes with a wooden stand wherein you can mount your beautiful moon lamp. You could easily place your mounted moon lamp on any flat surface, such as your vanity table. A user’s manual is also included to be able to help you better understand how to work your moon lamp as well as other information about the product.

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