Tekton WRN53170 Wrench Set in Review

TEKTON ratcheting combination wrench set provides great speed and ease of work and these wrenches stays perfectly locked with the fasteners reducing the need to re-fit after each and every turn.

These wrenches comes with a 6 point opening that makes sure that it holds the fasteners tightly to apply the maximum torque without getting your wrench slip off from the fasteners and also saving your knuckles in the process. The force is applied to the flat side of the fastener rather than on the corners to ensure round off is prevented at all times. This tool set is equipped with a 72 tooth ratchet gear that just needs a 5 degree swing arc to get to the next tooth position.

TEKTON Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 12-Piece (8-19 mm) - Holder | WRN53170
  • Includes 12-pc. ratcheting combination wrenches: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 mm; Wrench holder
  • 6-point box end snugly fits hex-shaped fastener heads and resists slipping off while you work
  • Box end opening is designed to grip flat sides of fastener heads, not corners, to prevent round-off
  • 72-tooth ratchet gear needs only a 5-degree working swing arc

These ratcheting wrench set are made using high quality materials and the open end of the wrench. To compare it to other ratchet wrench sets, be sure to check our guide on ratcheting wrench sets! It is angled to 15 degrees to allow flip over of the wrenches with every rotation. And also to engage with the fastener harder than other tools when working in corners or tight spaces.

This tool set also comes with a store and Go Keeper that comes with a folding handle for easy carrying and while you are on the move, the nonslip grippers in the organizer ensures that all wrenches are secured to their places. The organizer is also compact and doesn’t occupy a lot of space in your trunk or in your garage.

What’s in the Box?

  • 12x Ratchet wrenches
  • 1x Wrench Keeper


  • Item Weight – 3.6 pounds
  • Color – Silver
  • Size – 8-9 mm
  • Material – Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Dimensions – 13.2 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches
  • No. of Pieces in Set – 12 Pieces

Product Highlights

  • Never worry about your wrench slipping off as the 6 point box end ensures that it fits strongly with the fasteners
  • A tight grip is made in the flat side than the corners to prevent round-off
  • To move to the next tooth position it needs only a 5 degree working swing arc
  • The open end of the wrench is angled 15 degrees to allow it to flip over to engage fasteners twice as often in corners and tight spaces
  • Comes with a Store and Go Keeper to easily secure the wrenches in one place
  • Comes with an excellent chrome finish and also Corrosion-resistant
  • Emergency repairs are easy with these combination wrench setGreat deal on a solid wrench set
  • Store and Go Keeper allows for easy storage
  • 6 point box end to resist slip-off

Final thoughts

TEKTON Ratcheting combination wrench set is a great tool set for auto mechanics. And technicians that allows them to complete their job quickly and easily. The tool set also comes with a handy Go and Store keeper to easily organize and store these wrenches in a single place. This tool set comes with 12 pieces of ratcheting wrench sets.

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