Windows that Help Lower your Energy Bill

When we renovate a house, we pay a lot of attention to aspects such as the quality of the washbasins, the shower trays or the lighting. However, other elements go unnoticed such as windows, which are the primary source of energy loss; therefore, the greatest source of savings.

Also, they will offer us the desired level of comfort in our home, either by improving the interior temperature, noise or by providing us with greater external security against the entry of unwanted people or internal damage avoiding glass breakage.

Windows can reduce energy consumption by up to 60%

We must remember that the trend for years has been the increase in the cost of energy. Adequate windows are one of the fundamental elements that will help us to save on our energy bill, contributing to a saving of between 50% and 60%. You are also adding to the highest possible energy classification of our home, an aspect that is becoming increasingly important when selling or renting our house.

How have windows evolved in recent years? We could group them into two segments:

The technological evolution of windows

  • Greater choice of materials, such as PVC or mixed joinery (wood-aluminum).
  • More sophisticated glass, with 2 or 3 glasses, different thicknesses or glasses that act both in summer preventing the entry of heat and in winter preventing its loss.
  • Solutions best adapted to each need, such as acoustic insulation, thermal closure, safety or ease of cleaning.
  • Greater range of qualities, reaching levels unthinkable years ago.
  • Automation, domotics begins to be present in the windows.
  • New installation methods aligned with the improvement in the quality of the windows.

Evolution in aesthetics

  • New and better finishes regarding textures (wood, metal) or color.
  • Total customization of the window through color, allowing it to adapt to any decorative environment or aesthetic preferences of each.
  • Current designs, with straight and minimalist lines.
  • New opening modes, which facilitate access or cleaning.

When to change your windows

The main situations that lead us to think about replacing the windows are the obsolescence of the current ones, a total or partial reform (bathroom, kitchen) or problems of thermal or acoustic insulation. Although, the most critical motivation at the time of taking the definitive decision is the saving in the energetic invoice.

A window

A long-term investment

Always thinking that it is a long-term investment, and making the best decision, we are faced with a process that matures a lot, as it involves a disbursement that usually has to be planned. However, there is no doubt about the "profitability" of the project, with clear economic and welfare benefits.

And by the way, speaking of saving energy and getting the best comfort inside our home, we can not forget an essential accessory such as awnings. These help in hot seasons to avoid the direct incidence of the sun on the glass and therefore prevent the entry of heat into the house, helping to save energy by the need to turn on our air conditioning.

Smart windows: the future of windows

Home automation is going to revolutionize our day to day bringing more comfort to our lives and having an extraordinary impact on our home. Why not ventilate the house with a controlled opening of the windows when we are at work or on vacation? Or why not open the window from the sofa or just pass your hand in front of the glass?

It's not crazy to think that the windows of the future could become interactive computer screens. Home automation will allow more appropriate use of the elements and will be managed according to the conditions that we set.

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nelson