3-IN-ONE 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil Review

This product is very useful, I have a mountain bike that I don’t frequently use so I chose this product as a maintenance to make sure that I keep the chain oiled and clean. And yes, this product never failed me not even once.

It also did a great job of cleaning squeaky things like hinges. It is effective as well if you want to remove dirt and grime. I found this product online 8 years ago and thought of giving this a try since I’m reading good reviews about it. And now, I can fully attest that all the good reviews that I read seem legit. Id recommend you check our penetrating oil comparision in our best penetrating oil article to find out which one suits you the best.

3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ
  • Since 1894 this versatile multi-purpose drip oil has been a trusted tool used by professional tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers
  • Lubricates, cleans and protects against rust and corrosion. Offers precise application with no overspray or splatter, and its updated packaging has a fill level indicator strip that shows you when you're running low
  • Great for wheels, casters, sliding doors, chains, power tools and external parts of small motors, hinges, nuts and bolts, bicycles, wheels, fans and many other moving parts
  • Squeeze bottle design offers control over the amount of lubricant dispensed. Size is ideal for Automotive, Marine, Home, and Shop use

You can never go wrong with this product since it’s a multi-purpose oil that can be used too many things like silenced all the squeaky doors and can stop the screechy sound when turning door knobs and many more. Although this product works effectively I have some little negative comments about this one.

The new packaging is not user-friendly because instead of applying a single drop of oil, it suddenly pours out of the spout, which can cause a complete mess. I was hoping that it has a finer spout for more precise job. At the same time, the cap seal is very tight that it broke the attached strap while opening it. Oil pours out quickly as soon as you start to tip the bottle. What I do to stop spilling is I put it in a ziplock just in case.

But aside from that, this product works great! However, I have read some reviews that this is not recommended for cleaning firearms or other high temp/ high-stress applications.

What I love about this is that compared to other products, this one is completely odorless so you can use it everywhere inside your home without smelling anything.

This product also is cheaper for 8 Oz, your money will not be wasted since it does a lot too many things and I think this is highly recommended/essential to those people who like to fix things on their own. I just hope that they will improve their packaging and make it more convenient to use. A very versatile product that highly recommended keeping around your house. Indeed, a product that is well done.

Last Updated on April 9, 2021 by Patrick


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