WEN Generators Reviews 2018

WEN Generators Reviews 2018 – Full buyers guide on best WEN Generators!

Here are the best WEN generators for portable power anytime, anywhere.

Who doesn’t want to own a generator, right? For starters, it’s the only reliable solution for power outages. And you can use it for recreational purposes as well. So not only are you ready for emergencies, but you also have the luxury of conveniently surviving in one – it's a win-win investment.

A Summary of the Best WEN Generators 2018

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WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56682 5500 Running Watts Portable Generator

Why Wen Generator?

Perhaps, the easiest answer to that is age. WEN has been producing high-quality power tools since 1951. And in over six decades, they've been consistently admired for their works. Their products are not only made from durable materials but also equipped with the latest technology – everything is top of the line.

Aside from their long existence in the industry, they're also known for selling over 50 million products in their first 50 years. That record alone shows how many people trust this brand!

WEN offers a vast array of generators from 1,250 to 13,000 watts, which gives you a lot of options to choose. But since we know choosing is quite a nuisance, we've decided to help. 

We've picked the top four WEN generators to keep the selection simple and easy for you. In this article, you'll see a thorough review of each generator to help with your purchase decision.

Understanding WEN Generators

Power Output

First of all, when picking a generator, think about how much power you need for your home to function. What we mean by “function” is that only your essential appliances should be working. Calculate how many kilowatts you need. Consider your refrigerator, electric stove, electric fans, and other things you deem necessary.

You should also take note that only about 60% of the maximum output is ideal to use. This practice allows you to extend the life of your generator further and keep it running without issues for years.

That means if you plan on buying a 1,000-watt generator, you should only be utilizing 600 watts of it. Although you can use up to 80% of its power, you'll have to do rest routines to check its oil to avoid breakdowns. 

Run Time and Fuel Capacity

Each generator is unique. Some are more powerful but with less fuel capacity while some are the complete opposite.

There is no universal specification for generators. You might want a less powerful machine but with longer run times for camping trips. Or you want heavy-duty ones with smaller tanks to run power tools on remote areas.

Think about other reasons why you're buying a generator aside from disaster preparations. Secondary reasons will help you even further to make the right choice.

Size, Weight, and Portability

After thinking about how long you need your generator to run, consider its size and weight, too. Most generators are burdensome even without fuel. And some generators are mobile and lightweight but are a bit pricier.

If you plan on using your generator for projects in remote areas, opt for mobility. It doesn't mean to compromise engine power; it only means you have to buy a machine with a few mobility features. We're talking about generators with wheels or with ergonomic handles.

Take note though; if you want super portable ones, you shouldn't expect a high wattage output.


It's super understandable that most of you will fear the headline, "maintenance." It's obvious no one wants to keep checking how things are when it comes to machines. And that is especially true if you're occupied throughout the day.

There are a lot of new features when it comes to modern generators though. Some are maintenance-free while others need the typical upkeep approach. The latter is certainly cheaper as it does need attention. But if you have a few hours to spare each month, choosing a generator with a monthly maintenance is more practical.

Noise Level

The last thing you need to consider is if you can take the loudness of the engine. Although almost all generators are noisy in general, some are engineered to suppress most of the sound.

How quiet the engine doesn't equate to its strength or power output. Some machines are well covered and well designed, making them less audible. If you think generator noise will create problems for you, go for generators with silent features. Although they're more expensive and still produce sound, they are so much more acceptable in the community.

The Best WEN Generators

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

First on our list is the WEN 56200i. For starters, this piece of equipment is an inverter generator, which is one the latest tech today. Inverter generators are ideal for sensitive electrical appliances: computers, laptops, phones, etc.

How do inverter generators work?

This type of generator uses advanced electronic circuitry and special magnets. See, unlike regular generators that produce AC (alternating current) to power up your appliances, this generator filters it first.

Inverter generators turn AC into DC (direct current), which is consistent. Afterward, it then again "inverts" that energy to AC but now in a much cleaner and stable state. In simpler terms, inverter generators purify its electricity to provide a constant flow of power for appliances. Thus, it's ideal for devices that are sensitive to power surges and shortages.

Key Features

First of all, the WEN 56200i has a reliable 79.7 CC four-stroke OHV (overhead valve) engine that can give you 2,000 watts of starting power and a constant running power of around 1,600 watts. A few things it can power up: computers (one to four units), a small refrigerator, a couple of electric fans, a 32-inch LED TV, and some light power tools.

This generator is portable and weighs only 48 pounds, which is significantly easier to carry around. It has a runtime of six to seven hours on a full tank at half load. So it’s not that ideal if you need a machine that can power your stuff consistently throughout the day. If you’re okay with refueling from time to time, then there’s nothing to worry about.

But what makes it superior to most generators today is its incredible quietness. It only produces 51 dBA. To put that into perspective, it’s just as loud as walking into a coffee shop where people are having casual conversations.


  • Powerful, durable engine
  • Impressively quiet and portable
  • Perfect for sensitive electrical devices
  • check
    CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant
  • Expensive for its power output
  • So-so oil container
  • Plastic housing not that sturdy

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator

The next WEN generator review is for the WEN 56180 model. At a glance, this generator is typical. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's the most common generator everyone owns. In a nutshell, it is standard – a staple. We strongly recommend this generator to all of you who only want to have an emergency backup power.

Key Features

The WEN 56180 has a robust 98 CC 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder engine, similar to the previous one. However, it's less powerful as it can only provide a 1,800-watt starting power and a 1,500-watt running power. You can run things such as 32-inch LED TVs, small refrigerators, computers (wouldn't recommend desktops but doable, safer on laptops with power bricks), etc.

This generator weighs 50 pounds, which is still relatively light. The only problem though is that it's bulky. Its box-shaped design makes it hard for you to transfer on your own. And it lacks a pair of wheels, so it would be in your best interest to put it in a permanent location.

The thing we love about it though is its simplicity and durability. Its metal frame is solid, and the nuts and bolts are secured. We also like its pair of three-prong outlets that are placed in the middle for easy access.

Overall, it's decent, reliable, and affordable as an emergency generator. We have to say though that it would have been a lot better if they'd put a bigger fuel tank for a longer runtime. You can only put in about one-and-a-half gallons of unleaded gasoline in it with a total runtime of around seven to eight hours.


  • Reliable engine; easy start up
  • Durable overall build
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • check
  • Not mobile
  • Low running watt output
  • Small tank for its size

WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator

If you want to power your home and feel as if the outage never took place, then the WEN 56475 is for you. Think of it as an overall upgrade of the WEN 56180 – with emphases on portability, power output, and reliability. With this generator, you can turn on the air conditioning unit without even hitting its 50% load capacity.

Key Features

This generator is a beast of a machine. It has a 223 CC OHV engine that can start a 4,750-watt appliance in one go. And it can maintain a steady stream of electricity at 3,750 watts. We like to consider this generator more of a luxury backup power source. That's because, in most households, you're using just around 2,000 watts for things to function. But with the WEN 56475, you can use the air conditioning unit even in emergency situations.

Now, when talking about its overall build quality, it's as robust as the previous product. A couple of added features that you’ll love are its mobility and runtime. Even though it weighs around 110 pounds, you can effortlessly place it wherever you want – which is all thanks to its all-terrain tires. And with regards to its runtime, you can take a full eight-hour sleep as it will power your home for about 11 hours at 50% load (four gallons of fuel).

Aside from the basics, this generator also has a digital readout system to help you with its upkeep. It will tell you when you need to change oil and provide you the total number of hours it has been running. Moreover, you can ditch the pull-start method and use its electric starter to turn it on without any stress whatsoever.

The last two features are its automatic voltage regulator and overload protection. Both of these features allow you to power sensitive devices similar to the WEN 56200i. Although the electricity isn't exactly as smooth or as stable, it's still reliable enough to keep your appliances safe.


  • Huge wattage output
  • Mobile for its size and power
  • Runs for 11 hours straight
  • check
    Easy to maintain
  • Heavy (hard to load on vehicles)
  • Significantly louder

WEN 56682 5500 Running Watts Portable Generator

The last one in this four-part WEN generators review is the WEN 56682 model. It's the ultimate generator when it comes to portable heavy-duty power. Not only can it power two homes during an outage, but it can also energize your power tools effortlessly.

Key Features

For starters, this generator has a whopping 390 CC 13 HP OHV engine. That means it has almost twice the output of the previous product. It has a 7,000-watt starting power and a 5,500-watt running power. And even with such an engine, it's still CARB compliant. So you're not contributing any harm to the environment.

This generator, however, isn't the most economical one on the list. But that's understandable enough due to its size and power output. It has the same runtime with the WEN 56475 but requires two-and-a-half gallons of fuel more.

The WEN 56682 weighs about 200 pounds, but it's still movable due to it large all-terrain wheels. It also has four three-prong receptacles, so you can share it with a nearby neighbor in case of blackouts. And we're confident that it can power their homes as well.

Aside from its sheer strength, it also has a starter and a digital readout system like the previous generator. So starting or maintaining it isn't as hard as you think. The only thing it doesn't have though is the overload protection. Don’t worry though; having no overload protection isn't that important due to its adequate power output.

The last thing we'd like to address about this generator is its price. It's not cheap. This machine is actually twice the price of the previous one but with good reason. It's tougher, provides more energy, and has an incredibly durable engine. To sum it up, it's a long-term investment that you can reliably use for power outages and operating medium-sized projects.


  • Super powerful
  • Can run multiple power tools
  • Overall robust build
  • check
    Mobile for its size and power
  • Consumes fuel faster
  • Expensive


All these four WEN generators are excellent in their own right. They all have different qualities, and they suit different needs.

The first machine is ideal for camping and small-sized project while the second one is solely for emergency preparedness. And the other two are perfect for emergencies and bigger projects. But if we have to give each one their official rating, it would look like this:

  • WEN 56200i        4.4
  • WEN 56180        4.3
  • WEN 56475        4.9
  • WEN 56682        4.7

We deem the WEN 56475 as the champion due to its practical size and power output. It provides you the right amount of wattage for you to enjoy almost all your home appliances. Plus, it doesn't burn that much gasoline.

In a nutshell, it saves you money, gives you enough electricity to live like there's no emergency, and it's reasonably priced. This generator is nothing but pure usefulness for both recreational purposes and in dire times.

Is WEN 56475 the one we want you to buy?

That depends on you. Again, consider why you're looking for a generator and how will it improve your life. If you don't live in a place where outages are common, the WEN 56180 should be enough. And if you're into camping and outdoor adventures, the only generator that's going to take you far is the WEN 56200i. Lastly, if you need to work on projects like building a cabin in remote locations, you won't regret buying the WEN 56682.

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