WEN Generators Reviews 2019 – Full buyers guide on best WEN Generators!

Below are the most effective WEN generators for power supply wherever and anytime you need it. For beginners, it's the only reputable remedy for power failures.

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WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56682 5500 Running Watts Portable Generator

Why WEN Generators?

WEN has actually been generating top quality power devices since 1951. Their items are not just made from sturdy products, but are also additionally furnished with the most current modern technology—every little thing is top-notch.

Besides their outstanding presence in the market for a long period, they are additionally in constant marketing of over 50 million items in their first 50 years. That document alone demonstrates how many individuals trust this brand name!

WEN uses a substantial variety of generators from 1,250 to 13,000 watts, which offers you a lot of choices to pick. Given that we recognize selecting a product is rather an annoyance, we have decided to assist.

We have selected the leading 4 WEN generators to maintain the option simple and also basic for you. In this post, you'll see review for each generator to assist with your purchasing decision.

Before each review, we have a couple of points to talk about to comprehend much better what suits your needs best:

Power Result

When choosing a generator, consider exactly how much power you need for your house to operate. You ought to keep in mind that just around 60% of the optimal result is perfect to utilize. This method enables you to prolong the life of your generator as well as maintain it and sustain it for many years. So, if you intend on getting a 1,000-watt generator, you ought to just be making use of 600 watts of it. You can utilize up to 80% of its power, you'll have to establish routines and check its oil to stay clear of breakdowns.

Run Time and Gas Capability

Each generator is special. Some are much more effective yet with much less gas ability while some are the total opposite. There are no global requirements for generators. You could desire much less effective equipment, but with longer run times for camping journeys. Or you want strong ones with smaller sized containers to run power devices in remote locations.

Consider various other reasons why you want to get a generator besides catastrophe prep work. Second factors will undoubtedly aid you further to make the ideal option.

Dimension, Weight, and Portability

After considering for how long you require your generator to run, consider its size as well as its weight. Many generators are difficult to operate even without gas. Also, some generators are light-weight but still a little bit more expensive.

Go for mobility feature if you prepare on utilizing your generator for jobs in remote locations. It does not indicate to endanger engine power; it just shows you need to acquire a piece of equipment with a couple of motion functions. We're discussing generators with wheels or with ergonomic aspects.

Keep in mind though; if you desire very mobile ones, you should not anticipate a high power level result.


It's very easy to understand that the majority of you will certainly be afraid of the word, "maintenance." When it comes to makers, it's evident that no one desires to keep examining exactly how the machine's performance is – not impossible if you're preoccupied throughout the day.

There is a great deal of brand-new attributes when it comes to modern-day generators. If you have a couple of hours to save each month, selecting a generator with month-to-month upkeep is a lot more sensible.

Sound Degree

The last thing you need to think about when looking for the generator is if you can take the noise level of it. Usually, all generators are loud, but some are crafted to reduce the sound.

Moreover, the less sound does not guarantee its toughness or power result. If generator sound will be a problem, go for generators with quiet attributes.

The Best WEN Generators in the Market

WEN 56475 Gas Powered Portable Generator

The WEN 56475 is for you if you desire to power your residence and also really feel as if the electric interruption never took occurred. Think about it as a general upgrade of the WEN 56180-- with a focus on mobility, power outcome, as well as integrity. With this generator, you can switch on the cooling device without also striking its 50% tons capability.

Key Attributes

We consider this generator even more of a high-end back-up power resource. That's because, in a lot of families, you're utilizing simply around 2,000 watts to operate. With the WEN 56475, you can use the air conditioning system also in emergency scenarios.

Though it evaluates around 110 extra pounds, you can quickly put it any place you desire-- which is all many thanks to its all-terrain tires. And also with concerns to its runtime, you can take a complete eight-hour rest as it will surely power your residence for around 11 hours at 50% lots (4 gallons of gas).

In addition to the essentials, this generator also has an electronic readout system to assist you with its maintenance. When you require transforming oil and also supplying you the complete number of hours it has been running, it will certainly inform you. You can ditch the pull-start approach as well as utilize its electrical starter to transform it on without any anxiety whatsoever.

The last two functions are its automated voltage regulatory authority as well as overload security. Both of these functions enable you to power delicate tools comparable to the WEN 56200i. The power isn't precisely as smooth or as secure, and it's still dependable to maintain your appliances and devices risk-free.


  • Significant electrical power result
  • Mobile for its dimension as well as power
  • Competes 11 hrs. right
  • check
    Easy to preserve
  • Hefty (difficult to fill on cars).
  • Considerably louder.

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

For beginners, this item of devices is an inverter generator, which is one of the newest technology today. Inverter generators are excellent for delicate electric home appliances: computer systems, laptop computers, phones, and so on.

This kind of generator makes use of innovative digital wiring and also unique magnets. See, unlike routine generators that generate A/C (rotating existing) to power up your devices, this generator filters it.

Inverter generators transform A/C right into DC (straight present), which is regular. In easier terms, inverter generators detoxify its electrical power to supply a consistent circulation of energy for devices.

Key Attributes

WEN 56200i has a trusted 79.7 CC four-stroke OHV (expenses shutoff) engine that can provide you 2,000 watts of beginning power as well as a consistent running power of around 1,600 watts. A couple of points it can power up: computer systems (one to 4 systems), a tiny fridge, some electrical followers, a 32-inch LED TELEVISION, and also some light power devices.

This generator is mobile and also considers just 48 extra pounds, which is considerably much easier to lug about. It's not that excellent if you require a device that can power your things continually throughout the day.

What makes it exceptional to many generators today is its incredible tranquility. It just creates 51 dBA. To place that right into the point of view, it's equally as loud as strolling right into a coffee bar where individuals are having table talks.


  • Powerful, resilient engine
  • Mobile and also remarkably peaceful
  • Perfect for delicate electric gadgets
  • check
    CARBOHYDRATE (The Golden State Air Resources Board) certified
  • Pricey for its power outcome
  • Mediocre oil container
  • Plastic real estate not that strong

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator

The following WEN generator evaluation is for the WEN 56180 design. We highly suggest this generator to all of you that desire to have an emergency back-up power.

Key Attributes

The WEN 56180 has a durable 98 CC 4-stroke OHV single-cylinder engine, comparable to the previous one. It's much less effective as it can just give a 1,800-watt beginning power and also a 1,500-watt running power. You can run points such as 32-inch LED Televisions, little fridges, computer systems (would not suggest desktop computers yet manageable, more secure on laptop computers with power blocks), and so on.

However, the important things we like about it are its simpleness and also longevity. Their steel structures are strong, and even the screws and nuts are safeguarded. We likewise like its set of three-prong electrical outlets that are put in the center for very easy accessibility.

Overall, it's good, dependable, as well as inexpensive as an emergency generator. If they would certainly place a larger gas container for longer runtime, we have to state though that it would have been a lot far better. You can pour in only one-and-a-half gallons of unleaded gas with a complete runtime of around 7 to 8 hrs.


  • Dependable engine; very easy launch
  • Durable overall build
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • check
  • Not mobile
  • Reduced running watt outcome
  • Small tank for its size

WEN 56682

When it refers to durable mobile power, WEN 56682 is the supreme generator. It can stimulate your power devices efficiently.

Key Attributes

For beginners, Wen 56682 has a monstrous 390 CC 13 HP OHV engine with starting power of 7,000-watt and running power of 5,500-watt.

Nevertheless, this generator isn't one of the most cost-effective ones on the checklist. It is reasonably sufficient thanks to its dimension as well as power result. Its runtime is the same with the WEN 56475, but needs two-and-a-half gallons of gas extra.

The WEN 56682 considers regarding 200 extra pounds, yet it's still mobile as a result of it big all-terrain wheels. It additionally has four three-prong receptacles. You may share it with a next-door neighbor when there is a power outage. And also we're positive that it can power their residences.

Apart from its large toughness, it has an electronic readout system like the previous generator and as the starter. But, do not stress; having no overload security isn't that crucial because of its satisfactory power result.

In conclusion, it's a lasting financial investment – you can depend on and make use of its power interruptions while operating medium-sized jobs.


  • Super powerful
  • Can run numerous power devices
  • Overall durable build
  • check
    Mobile for its size and power
  • Eats gas much faster
  • Expensive


All these 4 WEN generators are outstanding in their very own. They all have various top qualities, as well as they fit multiple demands.

The very first equipment is perfect for outdoor camping as well as a small-sized job while the 2nd one is only for emergency scenarios as well as the other two o the list. If we have to offer each one their main score, it would certainly look like this:

  • WEN 56200i = 4.4
  • WEN 56180 = 4.3
  • WEN 56475 = 4.9
  • WEN 56682 = 4.7

We consider the WEN 56475 as the champ because of its sensible dimension as well as power outcome. It offers you the correct amount of electrical power for you to take pleasure in mostly all your house devices. And also, it does not melt that much fuel.

In short, it conserves you cash, offers you sufficient electrical energy to live like there's no emergency, as well as it's fairly valued. This generator is just pure efficiency for both leisure objectives as well as in alarming times.

Is WEN 56475 the one we desire you to get?

If you do not live in an area where outages are usual, the WEN 56180 needs to be sufficient. If you require functioning on tasks like developing a cabin in remote areas, you will not be sorry for acquiring the WEN 56682. If you're right into outdoor camping and also exterior experiences, the only generator that's going to take you much is the WEN 56200i.


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