Everlast Welder Review

Whether you’re a professional welder or a neophyte in a manufacturing industry, welding is always a back-breaking job that demands great skills and patience. That’s the very reason why choosing the right tool is tremendously crucial to accomplishing the job.

This article will show you how Everlast provides multiple welder machines with unique features that you would need for your welding requirements.

2019 Everlast PowerPro 205S 200a Tig Stick Pulse 50a plasma cutter Multi Process Welder
Everlast Poweri-TIG 201 DC TIG Stick Welder 110v/220v dual voltage
Everlast Power ITig 200 DC Stick TIG Welder 110v/220v
PowerArc 140ST 40 Amp Arc Stick Lift Start TIG Welder, IGBT, Dual Voltage 110/220v
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2019 Everlast PowerPro 205S 200a Tig Stick Pulse 50a plasma cutter Multi Process Welder
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Everlast Poweri-TIG 201 DC TIG Stick Welder 110v/220v dual voltage
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Everlast Power ITig 200 DC Stick TIG Welder 110v/220v
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PowerArc 140ST 40 Amp Arc Stick Lift Start TIG Welder, IGBT, Dual Voltage 110/220v
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2015 Everlast PowerPro 205S

If you are looking for a heavy-duty AC/DC welder, this Everlast PowerPro 205S could be the one for you. It is a multipurpose device that enables TIG, Stick, and Plasma cutting functions and processes all in one powerful machine.

PowerPro 205S weighs 87 pounds and measures 22 x 17 x 9 inches with AC/DC power source and a voltage input of 240 volts at 200 A amperage capacities.

PowerPro 205S Features:

  • AC/DC Dual power source in one single machine
  • TIG, Stick, and Plasma functions
  • Weld/Cut Inverter capabilities
  • Advanced Infineon IGBT Power Module

The versatile PowerPro 205S brags the AC/DC sources to be used for different purposes. If you need a quick melting of the electrode and be blended on the workpiece, you could use DC current which provides a deep penetration to the material. It gives a smooth weld and stable arc that works well using thin metals, steel, and stainless.

On the other hand, if you are planning to weld using magnetic or magnetized metals and aluminum, you should switch to AC current. PowerPro 250S allows you to perform aluminum welding using TIG at increased temperature, machine repairs, and even shipbuilding.

The advantage to having both options in a single welder is that you could easily adjust the parameters to whatever welding requirements you work on. There are a lot of materials you could use using this welder than an AC only or a DC only welder.

And speaking of the versatility, it absolutely true with this welder unit. It offers Stick/TIG welding at 200A plus 50A Plasma cutting function especially for materials like copper, steel, aluminum, and brass. PowerPro 250S offers you these three welding functions using inverter techniques.

The new inverter technology uses IGBT modules to enhance all processes and makes work done efficiently.

The unit has a compact design with easy-to-operate controls to instantly change process requirements. It allows you to switch from TIG welding to Plasma Cut and returns to TIG using its easy-to-change torches.

Despite being an all-around welder, it demands only low power. Thanks to the inverter technology incorporated into the device. It consumes less power but offers high performance with a high duty cycle at maximum rated amperages for TIG/Stick and Plasma Cutting. The unit can weld most kinds of metals giving a stable arc for TIG/Stick plus fine plasma cutting functions.

The PowerPro 250S is secured with a current indicator to alert the user once the duty cycle goes beyond the requirement. Similarly, there are indicator lights when air pressure reaches the lowest level.

The unit demands at least 10,000W “clean power” generator with continuous output or higher. It’s not recommended to use any generator that is not recognized with “clean power”.


  • Compact Multipurpose welder
  • AC/DC current source
  • Welds various metals
  • Weighty


2015 Everlast PowerPro 205S is a multipurpose welder with AC/DC power source offering a wide range of capabilities. It offers TIG/Stick welding and Plasma cutting functions to deal with most kinds of metals.

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Everlast Power I-Tig 200

Power I-Tig 200 DC only is pretty obviously not a heavy-duty machine that most industrial jobs need. This one is just a light-duty machine designed for home repairs and small tasks. It’s an economical welder machine you could use for steel or stainless steel work, but never for aluminum materials. Power I-Tig 200 weighs 30 pounds, and it’s an advantage for house use. However, taking it to travel is quite challenging.

Power I-TIG 200 Features:

  • Pulse Switch and adjustable Frequency buttons
  • 200 Ampere DC Pulse TIG/160 Ampere Stick Welder
  • 4T/2T Switch for instant arc functions
  • High Frequency or Lift Start
  • Pre/Post Flow buttons
  • Up/Down Slope to demand Amp rate

This portable welder machine has a lot more functionalities you should learn about. Although there are a few industrial limitations, its capabilities are not negligible. The welding parameters are well-organized and are color-coded to emphasize the labels. That makes easier for the user to adjust the controls before the operation starts.

To monitor the amperage, you could rely on the digital screen for its accuracy. The level will be shown the moment you do any adjustments.

Everlast Power I-Tig 200 has 110/220 input voltage you could choose from and a welding range of 5-200 A using TIG function and 5-160 A with Stick. The critical switch goes to the 2T/4T button. Using 4T as a trigger switch, the welder doesn’t have to continuously press the welding torch handle button to enable arc function but 2T does.

There is also a selection for Lift or HF start. There is an arc control button for stick welding that enhances the functionalities. It features the useful attributes of a firm and smooth arc.

Using Up Slope with 4T, you allow the welder to increase the level of ampere at a certain rate. Therefore, you could decide how fast the increase of the heat for a specific time range. Unlike 4T, 2T could be selected to initiate welding using a smaller torch to weld on tiny and difficult-to-reach areas.

If you use the Pulse function, you could enhance the welding quality using different pulse buttons to manipulate frequencies.

Your Everlast Power I-Tig 200 is ideally suitable for E6011, E7018, and various welding rods. However, it’s not really recommended for the E6010.

The device comes with an ergonomically designed torch and accessories ideal for 6800W generator with clean electrical power. Setting up the device is made convenient with the easy-to-attach torch.

Before you begin, make sure to wear necessary protection gears, especially your welding helmet. Also, clear your working place of any obstacles or unnecessary objects that could distract your performance.


  • Portable and economical
  • Labeled and color-coded buttons
  • Controllable parameters
  • Not a good match for E6010 welding rod


Everlast Power I-Tig 200 DC has an instant switch for Stick or TIG welding option and 110V/220V inputs. It has colored and labeled parameters to manipulate controls. This is an ideal welding device for home and selected industrial work.

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2017 Everlast Power I-TIG 201

The 2017 Everlast Power I-TIG 201 is an advanced version of the previous Power I-Tig 200. Although it has more powerful features and is much heavier, it still keeps the basic concepts of the Power I-Tig 200. So, there should be no worries about upgrading your machine to this one.

It is a perfect tool for people to manually set the parameters of the welder. It’s recommended for both home and industrial use. If you are looking for a better substitute for your old welder, this one could be a good choice.

Power I-Tig 201 Features

  • Heavy-duty IGBT Inverter
  • Single-phase 120 or 240 Voltage
  • GTAW/TIG welder
  • SMAW/Stick welding and adjustable Arc Force
  • 250Hz maximum Pulse Capability
  • Lift or High-Frequency feature
  • Digital display and Dinse welding plugs

This IGBT welder is for professional use especially for handling heavy-duty arc welding. It can manage to withstand heat when working with metal works and other shop tasks. It could handle that increase in heat with the help of its low start function.

It’s one of the first choices for many welding experts and even to beginners. The controls are simple and it’s a low-cost DC only Tig/Stick welder with excellent Lift and High-Frequency start.

Although it preserves the basic rules of the previous I-Tig 200, Power I-Tig 201 integrated micro-controlled inverter to make the design simpler but more reliable. The digital controls made it easy for the user to manipulate parameters while welding.

Now, let’s talk about where this IGBT welder is more efficient to use. It has a lot of uses such as crafting firearms, metalwork repairs, fabricating vehicles, ducts and HVAC construction, and so much more. You could enhance your welding skills using Power I-Tig features.

The requirement for generator use should be “clean power” at 4000W with 120V output or 8500W with a 240V output.

Take note that this welder model is never ideal for aluminum. However, it’s best used for titanium, steel, stainless steel, chromium-molybdenum steel (chrome-moly), and copper.

This unit comes with the standard accessories and connectors for weldings such as 12ft Tig welding torch and 10ft. cable with clamp, 10ft cable with electrode holder, etc.


  • Designed with Micro-controlled IGBT Inverter
  • Dual voltage (120V or 240V) in a single phase
  • Cheaper than Power I-Tig 200
  • Doesn’t use E6010 electrodes
  • Not for aluminum welding


2017 Everlast Power I-Tig 201 is a newer version of Power I-Tig 200 with an IGBT inverter integrated into the model giving a simpler look but more sophisticated functions. This is a heavy-duty welder with a heat-control system using 5 amps low start and Pulse control.

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If you’re searching for an affordable, low-power demand, and a lightweight welder machine, this PowerArc 140 is something I would recommend you.

It’s pretty portable at 24.8 pounds only; you could get any welding repairs for your job and get almost the same output compared to other pricey welder machines in the market.


  • DC Lift Start Tig and Hot Start
  • Reliable Arc Control
  • 35% duty cycle for industrial use
  • Accurate digital display
  • 25mm DINSE-style connections
  • Low-powered welder

PowerArc 140 gets 140A amperage capacity with a dual voltage of 120/240V. It works on shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) and TIG welding or GTAW.

Lift Start setting refers to the instant but a smooth reaction of the electrodes toward the material you are working with in order to get a sudden lift up. This process is drawing the arc. The welder drops down to a low voltage once the machine continues to come in contact with the material. PowerArc 140 gets the lift start especially suitable for welding hard metals such as steel and stainless steel.

The automatic or instant Hot Start works favorably to prevent the sticking of the electrode on the weld pool, especially when it gets less hot. What happens here is that the electrode gets pre-heated which allows priming much easier. In order to achieve a perfect arc, the arc force control allows you to have a sudden increase in the current output while welding, that’s when the arc is very short. That’s probably helpful for welding stick electrodes in uneasy positions.

As a professional welder, you should know what type of industrial welder suits your projects and how long do you plan to use them. Additionally, the specs matter a lot. Once choosing a welder, there is something you have to put into consideration, and that is the duty cycle.

Power Arc 140 has a duty cycle of 35% which is the standard for most welder machines. You could weld continuously in a longer duration if the duty cycle is much higher. However, if the duty cycle is low, there will be shorter welding time and longer minutes of rest.

To monitor and set the measure of the current, there is an accurate digital display for checking the increase or decrease of the Amperage.

The 25mm Dinse-style cable connectors are included in the package set of accessories as well as the 17V series torch with a gas valve. Other add-ons are Stick electrode holder with cable, 6 ft. cable with clamp, and a sturdy plastic case for field service.

What is nice about this unit is you could actually save your money and get the job done the nice way.


  • Consumes low power at 35% duty cycle
  • Auto Hot Start lessens sticking
  • Lift Start ideal for steel
  • DC welder, not for aluminum


Everlast PowerArc 140 works smoothly demanding only low power. With a duty cycle of 35% at 140 amps, this welder unit offers an auto hot start, arc force control, and DC lift start.

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Everlast Power i-MIG 140E

So far in this review, we have talked about Stick/TIG welding. This time, we will talk about MIG welding. MIG stands for the metal inert gas. This welding process refers to the use of a wire electrode being melted to blend with the workpiece in the weld pool.

Power i-MIG 140E is obviously a MIG welder machine with AC power source. The latest device offers fair capabilities of an inverter welder machine for professionals and novices. It’s very portable and light at 20 pounds.

Power i-MIG 140E Features:

  • AC Power Source
  • GMAW, IGBT inverter
  • Duty Cycle of 25%
  • Max Output of 140 amps
  • 120 Voltage, 250 Amperage

One difference of AC to DC is that DC is more beneficial for steel welding because it creates solid arcs while AC is recommended for working with aluminum. Both AC and DC current source accept E6011 electrodes. Now, our Poweri-MIG could initiate “gas metal arc welding” or GMAW to create the arc.

The powerful IGBT standard components make the Power i-MIG last long. You could spend less on a welder machine that is usable for many years. It is reliable, durable, and sturdy.

However, it has lower rate duty cycle at only 35% at 140 amps rated output, which means longer rest time while doing a job. That sounds like a drawback since you could not do a long continuous welding session as you desire. But that is quite higher when compared to other MIG welders which offer only 20% duty cycle. Additionally, it has 120V input which enables the device to be utilized at any place you need the work done.

The incorporated inverter design makes the machine very portable plus it lowers the power demand but improves the duty cycle as well as the arc functions. The simple structure makes it easier to manipulate the controls with its no-step adjustments for the speed of the wire as well as the voltage. Aside from being lightweight, our Power i-MIG also gives you a smaller footprint making it easier to move from place to place.


  • Inverter design, IGBT
  • Lightweight, small footprint
  • AC, 35% duty cycle
  • Stepless settings might not suit others


Everlast Power i-MIG 140E is a MIG welder with a dual voltage at 110V and 120V. It is integrated with IGBT inverter design with 35% duty cycle higher than competitions. It has AC power source and is very light in weight.

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PowerArc 160STH brings you a different kind of performance with its stable welding capabilities using DC Tig/Stick functions. It’s a 160amp welder with a double voltage at 110/220. It weighs 36.9 pounds and measures 20 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches.

PowerArc 160STH Features:

  • IGBT Inverter, HF Stick/TIG welder
  • Hot Start, 35% duty cycle
  • 110/120 dual voltage
  • Range 10-160 amp(240 V)
  • 140A amperage limit

The balanced performance of our new PowerArc 160STH could never be estimated at all. In a smaller and lighter unit, you could expect much more. Take the device anywhere to do repairs and other welding jobs in and out of your workplace.

It offers 35% duty cycle at 160 amp rated maximum amp. That ranges from 10-160 amp or 240V. Use the Hot Start function for an instant increase in the heat for materials that require quick heat up to prevent sticking.

It will also develop arc striking because of its automatic adaptability thus making it easy to operate. With the help of inverter technology, this unit is conceptualize using the IGBT modules for better welding performances.

With 240 Volts power input, the device gives you a consistent DC arc with smooth and even results. PowerArc 160STH has HF and TIG/Stick function for different welding requirements. The adjustable Arc Force and other standard control measurements are shown on the Digital display to monitor the parameters.

The device comes with Dinse-style connectors for different settings and welding techniques. It also designed to be carried conveniently.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-carry
  • Inverter type, less power consumption
  • Hot start Function
  • DC only


2017 Everlast PowerArc 160STH is a TIG/Stick welder integrated with inverter technology for simpler controls. It’s a DC welder with Hot Start designed for materials that require instant heat up.

About Everlast Welders

Everlast was born as an e-commerce company selling welders and generators. When Everlast kicked off in 2004, they never imagined that the company would grow as a huge international competition of various welder companies that came to exist way before it did.

The company’s humble beginning was paid off in 2008 when it launched the initial set of “Power” IGBT generators that embraced inverter technology and plasma cutting functions. This served as a turning point for Everlast Welders.

Since then, the company has been growing and embracing the latest and the most innovative techniques to be incorporated into their welder products. The goal is to address the users’ requirements and to suit various workpieces that professional welders might encounter.

Remember that when choosing the best welder for you, there are a few specs that you have to put into consideration. So, read carefully and pick the one that best suits you. You probably need this one in your shop.


The reviews you have just read are just the basic pieces of evidence of how Everlast cares for your welding needs. The challenge left for you now is to wisely purchase the one for you.

Let’s have a simple flashback of the aforementioned welder units.

The first one is the Everlast Power I-Tig 200 DC only which is a perfect welding machine for steel and stainless steel. It has instant switches for Pulse functions, 4T/2T, TIG or Stick, and Lift or HF start. With arc function to improve stick welding capabilities.

Power I-TIG 201 is basically for people who are familiar with the concepts of Power I-Tig 200. However, it is much simpler with IGBT inverter and digital display for parameter precision. It is ideal for conditions where heat has to be controlled.

PowerArc 140 is for welders looking for 35% duty cycle DC Stick/TIG IGBT machine. It gives you a reasonable performance when welding on steel using its DC Lift Start and Auto Hot start for anti-sticking.

Everlast Power i-MIG 140E comes with IGBT inverter which makes it simple to operate and smaller footprint making it very portable. It’s an AC time of welder that fits a spool gun for aluminum welding.

PowerPro 205S is an AC/DC all-around welder for most of your welding requirements. With 240V input power and 200A amperage capacity, this machine is a powerful tool for TIG/Stick and Plasma processes.

PowerArc 160STH is a DC only IGBT welder with HF and TIG/Start functions. The arc force is automatically regulated with dual 110/220 voltage and 35% duty cycle at 160amp. It comes with a hot start.

There you have what you need! If you care for more detailed specifications, don’t hesitate to read thoroughly on the individual reviews provided above.

I hope this review helps you a lot with your future purchase.

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