5 Best Air Impact Wrenches in [2021]

With a good pneumatic impact wrench, you get great power for undoing and redoing bolts quickly. A little bit of investment is required, but it's totally worth it!

Here, we list the best air impact wrench tools on the market for helping you to decide which one would work the best for your requirements. Be sure to also check our review on the best ratcheting wrench set, its a must have tool for your tool shed!

Best Air Impact Wrenches Reviews

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Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMAX Impact Wrench

Being a portable and compact air wrench, Ingersoll Rand 2235TiMax is the best air impact wrench for any type of job. The half-inch impact wrench packs an astounding power of 1350 foot/pounds loosening torque (up to 930 pounds/foot of maximum torque) and is light enough to ensure that the operator gets minimal fatigue on the job.

The tool has four positioned power regulators, to make quick and easy adjustments in torque and you get more durability with the twin-hammer mechanism.

For added durability, the air compressor hammer case is designed with titanium and wears a steel plate that helps the wrench to handle a lot of abuse.

The Ingersoll Rand is ideal for both mobile repair and automobile repair shops and according to owners, the tool can easily outperform really high-end Impact Wrenches. The impact wrench has been loved by all types of users. Whether you require it for professional use or just need some basic house fixes, this tool works well on everything.


  • The tool is compact and lightweight
  • Highest torque
  • Great durability
  • High speed
  • Deals with really tight lug nuts
  • Little Bit Pricey

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AIRCAT 1150 "Killer Torque" 1/2 inch

The second air impact wrench tool on the list is the Aircat 1150 with its exceptional class performance for both quiet and heavy-duty works. According to professional tool operators, the AIRCAT 1150 stands as a tough competitor to similar expensive air wrenches.

AIRCAT is great for working on old vehicles and engines and you'll definitely be impressed with the 1295 Foot/Pounds loosening torque and with maximum torque at 900 ft-lbs. The hammer speed of 1,400 blows per minute makes this tool one of the strongest hitting 1/2 wrenches on the market!

The best thing about this air compressor tool is its quietness with an operating sound of only 86 dB on max power.

It is equipped with a 15 % larger rotor that generates great power for heavy duty functioning. Also, you get a two-year warranty.


  • High speed and High torque for more power
  • Have twin hammer hard hitting mechanism (1400 Blows per minute)
  • Patented quiet technology (86 dB)
  • Instructions are not very simple to understand

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NitroCat 1200-K 1/2 Inch Kevlar Composite

The next tool on the list is the renowned NitroCat 1200-K which is quite similar to the previous tool AirCat 1150. With the same loosening torque at 1295 Foot Pounds. The tool operates at low 950 impacts per minute and it might feel a little bit more powerful (be careful with your wrists)!

NitroCat-1200 K is a commonly used favorite of the NHRA race teams, which gives a fair idea about how well it is able to handle heavy handling and tough usage.

An obvious difference between the AIRCAT 1150 and the NitroCat 1200-K is that the NitroCat is slightly larger, even with the same weight as the AIRCAT 1150.

While trying the tool for the first few times, the operators need to keep in mind that a lot of torque would be there to experience which would easily twist the bolts. The problem is easily avoidable after becoming used to the machine.

The compact and reliable air wrench has a two year warranty and you can rebuild it by yourself post expiration of the warranty. Unlike AirCat, the anvil gets designed better and sockets won't slip unless they get worn off from continuous heavy duty usage.

When keeping the product cost out of the equation, this is the best 3 8 air impact wrench tool choice for all types of users.


  • Has a hard hitting twin clutch mechanism
  • Is lightweight and quiet (82-86 dB)
  • Patented ergonomically engineered handle design
  • Available at a higher price range

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Campbell Hausfield 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

Another useful air impact tool we've got on the list is the Campbell Hausfield Air Impact Wrench. The air impact tool is available in the market with reasonable pricing, making it certainly an affordable tool to purchase. Despite, lower price tag, the Campbell Hausfield has many useful features in this perfectly designed tool, making it a good value for money option.

One thing we know for sure is the compactness and the weight of just 4.4 pounds. Upon combining this with a soft and ergonomic handle, you get a perfect tool that is comfortable to hold and you won't experience any fatigue even with longer work sessions.

The air impact wrench tool comes with a three speed power function that helps you to be more precise in your work. While the Campbell Hausfield air impact wrench might not seem like a really great air impact tool for professional use, it performs certainly well for day to day tasks around the house and within the garage.


  • Low Price
  • Offers compact and lightweight design
  • Has an ergonomic soft grip for minimizing hand-fatigue and vibration
  • Does not handle extremely tight lug nuts

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ACDelco ANI405 Heavy Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Coming from the expensive best air impact wrench tools to the cheaper ones on the list, we've got the ACDelco A1405 pneumatic impact wrench which is a great tool for any operator and won't hurt your pocket. Tools like ACDelco A1405 just represent their exceptional value under a reasonable range. But most tool operators would like to know whether they're compromising on anything special under while prioritizing their budget?

Looking at the features that this air compressor tool has to offer, you get a power output of 500lb-ft maximum torque. This is a lot lower compared to other models in the list but is ideal for medium wrenching tasks. After all, not everyone requires a powerhouse tool. If you only require a model with enough power for tackling occasional maintenance work on modern small car, this tool would definitely do the job with ease.


  • Ideal deal for the money
  • Lightweight
  • Delivers more than 500 lb-ft torque
  • Withstands rough environment
  • 5-speed regulation function
  • Torque range is limited
  • Has low power

Now you know about the best air impact wrench tools and the features they offer. Make sure to check on the torque and speed constraints for these pneumatic wrenches before you purchase one.

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