What Is the Best Car Oil In Regards to Quality and Price?

Having and maintaining a car requires a series of commitments and responsibilities that not everyone is willing to assume. In many respects, cars are like a person; they need attention divided into several elements to ensure they have a decent lifespan.

When it comes to the maintenance of a car, it is critical to choose the right oil that we put in it. The choice of oil is linked to many variables that must be taken into account. The car model, year, and manufacturer's recommendations are set out in the owner's manual. It is there where it is finally indicated what the car needs.

In this occasion, we will talk about which is the oil that you must put in your car.

Why Is Car Oil So Essential?

This question is relevant to answer to make the user understand the importance of being up to date with the care of our car. The oil is to the engine what blood is to our organism. Without this element, it simply could not function, just as we cannot work without blood.

Car Oil Importance

Its primary function is to lubricate all the moving parts that have the engine to work correctly, as well as seal, refresh and clean it of impurities that come from the outside.

What If I Forget to Change My Car's Oil?

In short, when the engine of the car or motorbike runs out of oil, all the parts start to suffocate, since they don't get the oil that allows them to turn and work at 100%. If you keep walking in this way, you could melt. When faced with this situation, the only solution is to make a new engine for your car.

What Is the Function of the Oil Inside the Engine?

Oil is like oxygen and blood for us, as we told you before. In short, its primary function is to oxygenate all parts of the engine to meet the useful life determined by the manufacturer.

It also cools the engine so that the heat generated by it does not affect its internal elements.

Car engine

Another essential function is that it avoids the oxidation of some of the parts of the engine so that it continues working optimally. Let's remember that the engine needs both coolant and oil to have the necessary liquids to operate.

Last but not least, it reduces fuel consumption, thus saving you quite an impressive amount of money.

What Are the Brands that Are Most Reliable for My Vehicle?


Such is the relevance and quality of Castrol products that various automotive teams have used it as their official supplier of lubricants and oils.

It has sponsored essential Formula 1 brands such as Renault, Lotus, Williams, Mclaren, etc. So if you decide to decline for this company, believe us that you will be making the right decision.


It was founded in 1927 in Spain with the aim of amnestying an oil concession. This company has years of experience in the sale and distribution of products and services derived from oil and hydrocarbons, among which are oils, lubricants, among others. Its oil is one of the leaders in the market, being used by different models of vehicles throughout the world.


In 1939 the company Elf was founded under the name Regie Autonome des Pétroles. Afterward, the company changed management until it finally became the company we know today.

One of the significant advantages and reasons for its recognition is the association it has with none other than Renault, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world.

They were the first to use Elf products and ensure that the entire range of oils and lubricants are environmentally friendly, as well as providing all the elements necessary for the proper functioning of cars.

It is as far as we go today. We hope that through all the information presented you will find the ideal option to provide the best oil and lubricant for your vehicle. Remember that there are certain things in which we should not spare money; one of them is in the preventive maintenance of your car.

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