Best 120 Volts Electric Garage Heater

Heating the garage has many benefits. For instance, if it's part of your house, providing adequate heating to the garage can make your home more energy-efficient, for it won't become the source of cold drafts. On the other hand, if it's made as a separate building, making sure that the garage is warm means well for the car and other objects inside.

The quickest, most efficient, and cost-friendliest way to make the garage warm during the wintertime is through electric garage heaters. Electric garage heaters are either portable or quick to install by yourself. As for choices, there are many. Nevertheless, these are the best electric garage heater 120v, which we think are the best :

Best 120 Volts Electric Garage Heater Reviews

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Dr. Infrared Portable Heater - Best Overall

The Dr. Infrared Portable Heater is an electric garage heater that provides heating via an infrared quartz heating system and PTC heating system. It has three heating modes - low, high, and eco that allows for safe temperature control. Moreover, it has a timed shut-off function, tip protection, and overheat protection for the user's safety.

It's laudable that this product uses infrared quartz and a PTC heating system. Since it uses an infrared heating system, Dr. Infrared Portable Heater provides equal heating to all of the spots of the garage - meaning that it doesn't leave one location cold and the others warm.

The build of this product is notable too. At 16 inches long and 11 inches wide, this portable electric garage heater is no bigger than an average size Cajon. Dr.Infrared won't add to the objects that make the garage feel tight. Hence, no matter the garage is tight or spacious, this product will sit fine anywhere.

Thumbs up to the manufacturer for providing this product with a removable filter, which is a simple gesture but very thoughtful nonetheless. Making the filter removable allows you to clean it thoroughly with water and a brush. If not removable, cleaning the filter might have been limited to wiping only.

The control panel - the part where the high, low, and eco buttons are - is poorly made. It looks vaguely similar to the control panels of China-made electronic devices. There would've been more flare if the manufacturer made it with a more classy look.

Another thing which can be an issue - in our opinion -is the remote control function. Dr.Infrared isn't very sensitive to the remote. When using the remote, you might have to stand closer for this electric heater to react.


  • Lightweight build and non-rigid build
  • Easy to clean removable filter
  • Dual heating system for efficient and coherent heating performance
  • Has numerous user-friendly functions
  • The control panel looks cheap
  • The remote control works poorly

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Lasko Pro-Performance Portable Heater

Lasko Pro-Performance is a portable blower heater. It takes pride as a blower heater with a high-velocity performance and useful special features such as a built-in socket and a lengthy electrical cord. A knob is installed on the left side of this garage heater to control its blowing capacity.

The build of Lasko Performance is very space-friendly. And similar to the previous product, you can put it anywhere you want without worrying about space. The robust build of the base prevents tipping. Moreover, the rounded embossed design of the body looks very catchy.

True to the manufacturer's claim, Laso Pro performance is indeed a blower fan that provides a strong gust of warm air for the garage.

However, the air that comes from this blower fan goes in a linear direction only. Therefore, this product fails to provide equal heating to all of the spots of a specific space. Nevertheless, the body of this blower has a pivot function. Hence, you can aim its exhaust a particular spot that needs heat the most.


  • Has a built-in outlet for smaller devices
  • Has a space-friendly build
  • Robust base design to prevent tipping
  • Pivotable body to aim the gust of wind on a specific spot
  • Has a poor heating capacity
  • Doesn't provide equal heating to all spots of the garage
  • The built-in outlet isn't suitable for plugging in high power devices

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Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heater

The Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heater is a germane choice if your garage is too packed for having a heater on its floor. This product uses quartz bulbs and halogen light to make the garage warm. Therefore, going for this is a smart choice since it can illuminate the garage and prevent it from getting cold.

This product already comes with its own bracket for mounting on the ceiling. Therefore, all you have to do is find the bolts that fit and drive them through. Moreover, the bracket allows the main component, which houses the quartz bulbs and halogen bulb, to angle in a 90-degree position. This feature helps aim the heat on a specific part of the space.

The quartz bulb gets very hot while this garage heater is turned on. Their temperature is enough to scald the hands of the unwary. To lessen accidents, the manufacturer covered the quartz bulbs with narrow metal grills. These prevent contact with the quartz bulbs and protects them against damage as well.

We don't understand why the manufacturer didn't install a switch for turning this product on or off. Instead of a switch, what they used is a pull cord. The pull cord is a bit short so remember to fasten an extension on it if you're installing this product on a high ceiling.


  • Saves garage space
  • Metal grill protected and high heat output quartz bulbs
  • Built-in halogen lights to provide brightness to the garage
  • Uses a short pull cord that needs extensions to work comfortably
  • The metal grill doesn't prevent insects from going to the quartz bulbs

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Isiler Space Heater

The Isiler Space Heater is a blower heater that's as big as a small toolbox. Due to its size, this product works well as a garage heater that you can easily keep or place on the garage bench or the garage cabinets Though small, Isle Space Heater can potentially warm spaces measuring up to 108 square feet.

So how does this product manage to provide heating in a relatively large area? The answer lies in the ceramic heating element and the wide design of the exhaust. With these features working hand in hand, Isle Space Heater won't have trouble making your garage warm within 30 minutes or 40 minutes.

Though heating performance is good, this product has a fatal weakness - it can easily overheat. That's why upon making the room warm, be sure to adjust this product's temperature via the temperature control dial. Nevertheless, overheating isn't that worrisome because this product has an overheating protection system installed.


  • The powerful ceramic heating element
  • 108 square feet heating capacity
  • Space friendly
  • Tends to overheat
  • Not suitable to be used while sleeping

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Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

If you're searching for a wall-mounted infrared heater that's low profile yet elegant at the same time, take a look at Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Mounted Infrared Heater. With its modern and slim build, this product acts as a decoration to the garage aside from being a heater.

As for heating, this product uses an infrared system to warm all the spots in the garage. You can adjust the warmth from this electric heater via the remote control. This product reacts well to the remote. You can stand a few feet away and use the remote, but Heat Storm Deluxe will still react to it.

We commend the manufacturers for providing this product with a safety touch grill. Since it's wall-mounted, it's likely for you to brush your arms on the infrared heating element or put your hands on it. That being said, the safety touch grill is there to prevent injuries.

A downside with this product is that the air filter isn't removable. For cleaning, you have to wipe it with a cloth. However, such a method doesn't remove all of the dust. Another issue that we found out is that this product doesn't warm a space quickly, which is contrary to the claim of the manufacturer.


  • Long-range remote control function
  • Compact modern design
  • Safety touch grill and automatic turn off for added safety
  • Provides equal heating to all spots of the space
  • Doesn't use a removable air filter
  • Takes time to make a space warm

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Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Mounted Infrared Heater

The Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Heater is counts as a hybrid between a propane heater and an electric heater. For providing heat, This heater uses propane. A built-in electric fan then delivers the heat from the propane heating element to the room. There aren't many except an automatic shut down function if this product tips over for special features.

However, this product makes up for the lack of special features with its build. The robust handle makes this heater very easy to carry. Moreover, the rubber feet are soft and will make wooden surfaces happy. Moreover, it prevents tipping over. Thus, making the tip-off protection feature useless.

This product doesn't work well in spaces that lack adequate oxygen. The manufacturer installed this product with an oxygen sensor. Upon reading that the oxygen in the environment is lacking, this product shuts down on its own and won't turn on again. This is a feature that the manufacturer must remove.


  • Doesn't tip easily
  • 450 square feet heating capacity
  • Ergonomic handle to enhance portability
  • Metal grills that protect the propane heating element warm-up
  • Shuts down if the oxygen level of the surroundings is low - useless for highly insulated garages

Conclusion: Which Of These Heaters Is The Best 120 volts electric Garage heater?

We recommend you to get the Dr. Infrared Portable Heater. This heater is excellently made in terms of design, special features, and performance. But if you think that it's too big for your garage, then the Isle Space Heater, the Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Heater, and the Lasko Pro Performance Heater are alternatives. We hope that this article helped you make a decision. Keep visiting for more reviews about the best heaters in the market!

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