Best Foam Cannon Soap For Cars [2021]

Are you wondering how your distant relative's car stays sexy and lux on social media posts even though it's old? Well, achieving that isn't hard. You don't have to use some fancy solution and apply it to your car. All you have to get is a foam cannon, and the work is done.

Going hand in hand with a foam gun or foam cannon is a cannon soap or a snow foam soap. A good cannon solution isn't only great formulated to keep the car's coating great but also prevent damage from the foam gun itself. In this article, we present you with the best foam cannon soaps.

Reviews of the Best Foam Cannon Soap for Cars

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Meguiar's G710FFP Gold Class

What this product does to the car and the foam cannon is very surreal. You will like this product because it's great for traditional washing and foam cannon washing applications. We loved using this product: its paint-friendly formulation, wax protection feature, and mildness.

The Meguiar displayed a very thick and consistent car wash soap. We love this because it doesn't come off quickly of the car's surface. Such viscosity allows this product to remove the dirt and grime from the car excellently.

Rinsing was a bit problematic because the snow foam soap from this product doesn't come off quickly. We had to keep spraying the car for 15 minutes to remove all of the thicker foam. This disappointed us a bit. However, our disappointment dissipated after we saw how shiny and good-looking the car is. The shine and color that this product provides make the car look like it's brand new.

Why Buy Meguiar's G710FFP Gold Class

  • Safe for cars that have been recently waxed
  • Doesn't degrade the coating of the car paint
  • Provides a noticeable luster to the car
  • Not harsh on your foam cannon

Why You Might Not Buy Meguiar's G710FFP Gold Class

  • Requires a lot of rinsing

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Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

Coming second is the Chemical Guys Mr. Pink. You'll love this one if you want to have a solution that produces thick foam but easy to rinse. This trait alone might have made this product better car shampoo than the first one. However, we put it on the second part of our list because it doesn't work well for bucket washing. Simply put, this product isn't dual purpose like the first one.

The foam that this product provides has a thick feel. It leaves the car looking oozy while covered in foam. Rinsing didn't require long, and we only have to spray for at least 10 minutes. Just like the previous product, this foam cannon soap provides the car with brilliant color and luster.

Why Buy Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

  • Produces thick foam that's easy to rinse
  • Protects and improves the coating and wax of the car

Why You Might Not Buy Chemical Guys Mr. Pink

  • Too pricey for a bucket wash foam soap

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Adam's Ultra Foam Cannon Soap

Adam is one of the leading manufacturers of foam cannon solutions that everyone will agree with without debates about being one of the best foam cannon soaps in the market. One foam cannon soap from Adam that caught our attention is Adam's Ultra Foam Cannon Soap. This product is excellent because it has a mild concentration, spreads quickly when used with a foam cannon, and uses an ergonomic bottle.

Loading this product in the foam cannon is very easy. The ergonomic bottle prevents spillage even if you pour this on the soap chamber of the foam cannon hard. Moreover, it spreads rather quickly on the surface of the car. Applying this product to the car evenly is a breeze.

A problem with this product is that you have to mix a lot of this with clean water. If the concentration using this foam cannon soap is too light, the resulting foam wash isn't thick. Therefore, this product might disappoint you if you're looking for a foam cannon soap that produces thick foam even if only a tiny amount is used.

Why Buy Adam's Ultra Foam Cannon Soap

  • It has 4 times the average concentration of ordinary car shampoo
  • Adam's car wash soap gives the most chemically advanced foaming capability.
  • Spreads easily and evenly apply to the car when used with a foam gun
  • Has a pleasant grapelike smell that lingers even after rinsing
  • Has a mild concentration

Why You Might Not Buy Adam's Ultra Foam Cannon Soap

  • The formulation doesn't produce a thick foam wash
  • The grape smell is sickening for other users

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Chemical Guys Honeydew

This product doesn't lag behind the previous Chemical Guys best foam cannon soap in terms of thick foam. There's also a strong summery honeylike smell that your nose might agree with. However, we place this product on the 4th rank of our list because it doesn't clean dirt well even if it produces many foam suds. This might be because this foam cannon soap contains many foaming chemical agents but only a few dirt-removing chemical agents.

Why Buy Chemical Guys Honeydew

  • Has a strong summery honeylike smell
  • Produces a lot of thick foam suds

Why Not Buy Chemical Guys Honeydew

  • Doesn't remove dirt easily and needs to say on the surface of the car for a while, meaning that it could potentially degrade the coating and wax of the car
  • Doesn't provide a noticeable shine for the car

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Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam

The Sun Joe Premium has a very agreeable smell. Use this product, and you'll see what we mean. This product's fragrance has a sweet and alluring character that entices the nose. For this reason, we think that this is the best foam cannon soap for washing the car before a date.

As for the performance, it doesn't work perfectly but still acceptable. This product easily takes dirt, grime, and other particles that have recently stuck on the car's exterior. However, as for stains that have been set, this product doesn't work well. It can't do anything except wet them.

Another issue that we experienced about this product is the foam gun's performance if this one is loaded. The foam gun didn't deliver this product well. We had to constantly clean the nozzle because this product's thick foam constantly accumulated on it.

Why Buy Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam

  • Leaves the car with a sweet and alluring fragrance
  • Easily takes thin layers of particles on the car's surface
  • For best results, use with a pressure washer foam cannon attachment

Why Not Buy Sun Joe Premium Snow Foam

  • Hard to apply with a foam blaster
  • Sun Joe has a concentrated formula for your electric pressure washer
  • Doesn't work on particles that stuck hard on the car's surface

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Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

Chemical Guys return and claim sixth place with the Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss. We like this product because it's friendly on cars whose original coating has been modified. However, we decided not to put this on the upper ranks because it only provides gloss to the car and doesn't remove dirt.

Why Buy Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

  • Safe on all types of coating
  • Excellent for two bucket wash or foam blaster
  • Has a comforting citrus smell
  • Can dilute one cap full with 5 gallons of clean water

Why You Might Not Buy Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Gloss

  • Only makes the car glossy but not very clean

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Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Detergent Soap

The cleaning performance of Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Detergent car soap isn't that bad. However, it lags compared to other products on this list. Traits that made us impressed with this product are its diversity and concentration.

This foam cannon soap is applicable for cleaning cars, panels, floorings, sidings, etc. You don't have to put a lot because this product produces many thick suds even if the mix contains more water. With that being said, get this one if you're looking for a foam cannon soap that doesn't hurt the budget.

Why Buy Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Detergent Car Soap

  • Multi-purpose foaming cannon soap
  • Highly concentrated and contents last for long

Why You Might Not Buy Karcher Multi-Purpose Cleaning Detergent

  • The formulation is not suited for cars
  • The foam is not thick


Pick a snow foam cannon soap that's friendly on the coating and wax of your car. Not all snow foam cannon soaps are fabulous. Some will degrade your car's paint and make it look old faster than it should. The safest picks are the products on this list. Go for the number 1 product on our list if you want to get the best. Still, it would also work if you buy at least one gallon of each product here to compare and contrast their effects then you can find the best foam cannon soap on you own. Good Luck!

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