Best Log Splitters Under $1000 – Highly Portable and Powerful [2021]

Fire from real burning wood makes everything better. Nevertheless, this is only the case if you use a log splitter that does the job well. A good log splitter makes it easier for the wood to burn. Most of the great ones are downright expensive. But note that you don't have to spend much all the time. You can find great ones for under 1000 dollars too.

This article is for budget consumers who can't spend a lot for a log splitter. We are glad to show the best log splitters under 1000 dollars in the market. Please stick with us because we will show you all the fine points of these products concisely and comprehensively.

Best Log Splitters Under $1000 Reviews

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Champion Equipment 7 Horizontal Gas Powered Log Splitter

Portability, ease of usage, and power are the most important features you should look for in a log splitter. All of these traits are in Champion Equipment 7 Horizontal Log Splitter. This product is a good value for money because of its most significant features such as 80 cc single-cylinder OHV Engine, low profile design, 7 tons splitting pressure, and auto-return valve.

With its 80cc single-cylinder OHV engine and 70-ton splitting pressure, the Champion Equipment 7 just won't simply back down against soft and hardwoods. The splitting action is so forceful that it prevents the wood from cracking. This means that the resulting firewood from this product won't be hard to shove in the fireplace or the burner.

Loading or unloading the log on this gas log splitter won't be a problem for you. It has a low profile design so that you don't have to lift the log more than what's comfortable for you. This feature makes this product safe to use since it minimizes the hazards of dropping the log by accident.

The auto-return function further enhances the working efficiency. The auto-valve allows you to cut wood without lifting the blade every single time it finishes a cutting cycle. Basically, it eliminates the accident of you cutting your fingers and makes the process of cutting wood automatic.

We can't say a lot about this product in terms of its bad traits. We wish that the manufacturers consider making the beam broader and more durable because it's coating easily chips-off.


  • You don't need to lift the blade of this product when cutting wood
  • Portable - has built-in wheels so you can just tow this product with a vehicle for transporting
  • Reduces the effort of lifting due to its low profile build
  • Gas powered log splitter
  • The design of the towing beam is too narrow and raises concern about this product's integrity while being transported

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Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter 7 Ton

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is just perfect if you're looking for a wood splitter that you can use right at the comfort of the house's basement without taking a lot of space. ES7T20 comes in two varieties - the first model has a simple cutting wedge while the newer model comes with a four-way wedge. Aside from these, the variations of ES7T20 don't differ a lot and have the features of a 2 hp electric motor, 7 tons splitting force, automatic ram return, and one-handed operation.

ES7T20 really impressed us with its size. This product is a powerful log splitter that doesn't have trouble with hardwoods, which happily sits on horizontal tables or work desks at least 48'' long. We also love that the manufacturer added a standing bar on the end of the other end of the frame for stability.

As for cutting performance, we're not very impressed though the 4-way wedge model of ES7T20 worked well. Logs split by this product don't come out very clean. Some sections of logs need to be split by hand again. Still, this is an issue that only happens seldomly.


  • Splits logs with a push of the lever and doesn't require you to hold the wood to keep it in place
  • Powerful considering that it's a small log splitter
  • The electric motor operation, no costs for fuel
  • Can be used comfortably anywhere so long as there's an electric source
  • Works poorly on slices of logs with a large circumference
  • Splitting action works slowly and not desirable if you want to work fast

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Southland Outdoor SEL60 Electric Log Splitter 6 Ton

We don't mean to discredit the manufacturer but the Southland Outdoor SEL60 looks very similar to the product above in most aspects. Both have similar traits wherein the electric motor is installed underneath the frame and the overall size is very manageable. The only difference is that this product has a lower splitting action than ES7T2O.

Still, you might like this product better because the electric motor is a bit more silent than ES7T20. Also, its wedge provides neater-looking pieces of firewood. Furthermore, the standing bar's design on the other end of the frame is also better since it comes with rubber grips.


  • Uses a very silent electric motor
  • Works poorly on logs exceeding 10 inches wide
  • Not preferable for splitting hardwoods since the wedge and the motor can't bear with strain

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Sun Joe LJ10 Hydraulic Log Splitter

A manual log splitter isn't what you would prefer. Nevertheless, you'll appreciate having one if you're motorized log splitter fails to function well. Other scenarios when a manual log splitter becomes very advantageous is when you run out of gas or electricity cuts itself off.

If you're looking for a good manual log splitter, then here's the Sun Joe Lj10 for you. This product is so easy to use. You don't have to do a lot of tweaking. Just load the log, tweak with the levers of the hydraulic press back and forth, and great pieces of firewood are on their way.

Aside from easy operation, we like how this product works perfectly on large hardwoods. The wedge is small. However, it manages to provide clean cuts which don't need further splitting with your hands. Also, the hydraulic press's levers are very soft on the hands, arms, and shoulders.

The spring mechanism that the manufacturer used in combination with the hydraulic press for making the splitting mechanism work is a bit concerning. It's common knowledge that no matter how durable, springs loosen eventually.


  • Log splitter that works well in all emergencies
  • Small splitting wedge but provides a clean cut
  • Has a log cradle that prevents wood from falling
  • Hydraulic splitter
  • Cheap log splitter
  • Not a long term log splitter
  • The levers easily suffer from damage that mishandling causes

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Yardmax YSO552 Electric Log Splitter

Get the Yardmax YSO552 if you want a space-friendly log splitter that doesn't need tables or work desks for usage. This product's build already stands out on its own. With that being said, you don't need to do anything except assemble this product and start splitting wood.

The manufacturer did a job well done in making this product look attractive. The orange coating is very catchy. Furthermore, the distinct desk-like design of the frame makes Yardmax YSO552 look very professional. Looks aren't an essential trait when it comes to buying log splitters. Nevertheless, it might be what you need to make work more desirable.

A two-handed operation makes this product great for splitting logs. It allows you to control the way on how the log is split. This is very important because Yardmax YS0552 suffers from damage if the log isn't loaded and split in the right way.

We're a bit disappointed about this product's splitting force. Considering that it can split wood up to 20 inches long, the manufacturer should have given this product a splitting force of 7 tons instead of 5. With that being said, this product might look like it's good for hardwoods but it's not.


  • Has a desk -like build
  • A two-handed operation to effectively control how the log is split
  • Electric splitter
  • 5-ton splitting pressure is only enough for softwoods
  • The electric motor is noisy and poorly designed

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Wen 56207 Electric Log Splitter

The Wen 56207 log splitter follows the design of the YS0552 Log Splitter. However, it's not a complete copycat because it's coated with an attractive black and orange coating.

Moreover, it has a heftier splitting force of 6.5 tons. All in all, this product is great if you think that the previous product's power is lacking.


  • Log splitter with removable stand
  • Silent electric motor operation
  • The beams that comprise the stand don't look durable


So which of these best log splitters under 1000 dollars are you eyeing right now? If we were you, we would go for the first one since it has all the other log splitters' advantages. Nevertheless, if you think it's too much, check out the other choices that we provided for they will also be great for log splitting.

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