How to Build a Shed

Building a shed is not a complicated task and you can do it by yourself with the proper guidance. If you are keen person who wants to go for making the sheds for them self, then this guide is for you. There are many people who are building their own sheds, but due to lack of proper guidance, they fail in the process.

We have some tips for you that will help you build your own shed.


Tools for building

Tools are very important for you as you are going to need them to build a shed on your own. Once you are ready to make one, then make a list of tools that will be required for the construction of the shed. As there are many guides that will be able to guide you in acquiring the tools and will also let you know the tool stores that are nearby. Acquiring a good set of wrenches is also a great idea, be sure to check our hand tools section!

Protective building gear and accessories

Apart from the tools that you required for construction of the shed, there are some tools that you require to protect yourself, too. As you are doing it by yourself. Building stuff with nails or glasses, you can be vulnerable to a lot of dangerous issues. So, good use of goggles and gloves will be really good for you. Do look for the protective gear that is based on quality.

Finding a proper spot in your yard

Check the ground that you are looking for building your shed on for  things like underground wires or cables. Check them to see if they need repairs. If something is wrong with them you need to remove your shed and fix them up. That will involve more money and time. So, try to avoid this as much as possible and look for a place that can accommodate your shed well.

How to build your own shed

We have detailed a step by step process below for you to build a shed:

Get through the legal requirements

Once you decide to build your shed, then you need to check with the legal liabilities in your local area. As well, any possible additional rules and regulations that will hinder your ability to build a proper shed. And if you are going to build the shed within your home vicinity, then too you need to check with the various compliances. So that one you have built the shed there should be no issues from anywhere.

Start with laying off the foundation

Once your shopping is completed, you can start with the building of the foundation for your shed. For building you need to go through the below steps:

  • You should only use pressure treated timber so that your foundation remains protected from rot and infestation
  • Choose the spot in your garden or the farm house where you want to build the shed.
  • Try to choose a high-level place so that there is no issue of water damage
  • For the furniture to rest on the place properly, you need to clear all bushes from the spot
  • You can start with the floor frames. While building the same you should remember that it will be the only one that will outline your shed
  • You can cut out the bands and joints to put everything in place.
  • Provide ample support to the foundation so that it will not break down.

Start Building the Front and Back Doors

Start with the putting up of the frame for the door at place, you can buy a new one as well. The old one by putting it on the place for you. Before integrating the door, measure the size. Then only cut your wall, as the door should fit perfectly in place. Once you have set up your front door and the wall then follow the same for your back door and wall too.

Building the side walls with the windows

Once you have built the side walls, then move onto installing the windows. If it is your first shed, then you should go for new windows. Don’t use any old window to fit in as all the new Windows comes with a guide to install them properly. While fixing the windows use the techniques that you used in the doors to fix. Once you look forward to lifting the walls then try to get assistance or a helping hand as they are quite heavy to handle them alone.

Build the roof

Once the full structure is ready, you can start with the building of the roof. For having an even roof, it is very important that all the truss should be equal in size. Once the rafters are completed, then you can start with the installation of the gussets on the both sides of the rafters.

Please take care of the fact that on each side of the truss we can install the gusset on one side only. Once you have fixed the gussets on the side truss, then you just need to nail the rafters on the respective top plate of the shed walls. So that the skeleton of the shed will get ready for you. Ensure that every rafter is 2 inches apart. Post the skeleton, you can start with the installing the rafter and decking overhang and the trim that you will use in the roof should match the window and doorframe trim too.

Embellish your roof with shingles

The roof is the important part of the shed, as it must be at the place to make your roof resilient, robust and of course good looking too. Keeping the roof strong is very important. Make use of roofing tar to prevent the rusting of the shed.

For a shed to be completed it is very important that your shed should breathe properly. Look for a spot that is nearby to the trees so that you have a touch of nature and adding upon with the way you wanted. The shed is loved by kids so if it is in your garden and between the grass, it will help you in making out with your children too. Do take a place that is on the ground having trees around but not in their shade.

Do trust good builders only if you are not making it by yourself, it will help you in getting in touch with your reference about building in a manner that you wanted and if you are busy this time then it will be a good deal for you as well. So, do look for the best deal online also and get to know about the builder around and what price they are offering to you too. The having a shed is a dream for people you can gift the same to your children on Christmas or make it like a doll house for your girl in all the ways you will find it best to go.

Following instructions is very important

The instructions that we have stated above will definitely be helpful for you going forward. While procuring the hardware like doors and windows, you should take the measurements of your shed in mind. The frame that you wanted to fit in your shed, it will help you in making a choice for your shed. And you do not need to worry about the measurements too.

Do try to fix the big stuff first like the doors, windows, etc. as they are important. For you to have in a go and the decorations, curtains that can be seen on a later stage also. Once you start building your shed try to go a bit slow with the building and give the due attention to the minute details. If you find something is not going right with them. Do not leave any loophole and once you finish all work, try to make the looks beautiful. In an artistic way so that people recognize your hard work and appreciate the same too.


You will have one of the best structures of the shed at your place where you can enjoy your stay with your children, family, relatives and colleagues. The shed should be made up of the metals that are trustable and we ensure that the instructions stated above will be able to guide for having your own shed in a go. Construct your own shed like you always wanted and make your place great.

Last Updated on March 18, 2021 by Nelson