Simple Ways to Make Your Generator Quiet as a Cricket

Whether you use a generator at home or camping, the continuous buzzing generator noise can be a major turn-off to some people. The loud noise comes from the cooling fan, induction, and engine exhaust pipe. Thankfully, there are many inexpensive solutions on how to make your generator as quiet as a cricket.

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Build a soundproof cage around the generator

When having a generator similar to a-iPower generators, Installing a soundproof case or a soundproof box is arguably the best strategy to make your generator whisper quiet. You'll need a vent duct, MLV, foam mats, and acoustic chalk. When building this enclosure, you can add sound insulators to reduce the overall sound level. Keep in mind this method may not work for portable generators.

Place the exhaust pipe vertically

It involves redirecting the exhaust pipe. When the exhaust system is placed on the side, a portable generator becomes noisier than it should. This trick is also used by large vehicles to reduce their roar. But for this to work, you'll need an extension connected to the exhaust pipe.

Attach Exhaust Muffler silencer 

A muffler diffuses white noise from the combustion chamber. If you have not attached a muffler, then you should do the trick to keep the loud noise at bay. First, you should research the various types of mufflers in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you should choose a model that fits your generator.

At times, the muffler can get damaged, loose, or punctured - you can also replace it depending on the damage's extent. As you make your purchase, be sure to check the amount of exhaust noise it diffuses when the muffler silencer is installed.

how long can a generator run

Reduce generator vibration

A surefire way to reduce vibration on your portable generator is to install rubber feet. A soundproof mat will help to combat the problem. Generally, the sound-absorbing mats come in the form of rugs, carpets, or heavy blankets.

You should also ensure the generator is placed correctly on all fours. The support can also reduce the white noise level.

Place the generator away from home

If you want your noisy generator to be whisper quiet, a general rule of thumb is to place the unit 20 feet (7 meters) away. While this may scare the wildlife when camping, you can be sure of a peaceful goodnight sleep.

If you're using the unit at home, you can place it in the storage shed or garage. But for this to work, you need a long extension cord. This method may not work in urban areas because the homes are close to each other.

Starting a generator

Use the bucket water method

While this may not sound like the most excellent idea when using a generator, it gives the best results. To do this, you should dip the loose end of the pipe and make a small hole. It should be a small finger size to prevent the water from being sucked into the generator. When you turn on the unit, the water will suppress the noise.

Use sound deflectors

If you're still wondering how to make your loud generator as quiet as cricket, a sound deflector is a sure bet. It disturbs the sound effect and diverts the generator noise out of your direction.

The idea is to erect a kind of barrier between yourself and the generator. While the deflector doesn't do much, it will reduce the overall noise.

Soundproof your home/camping tent

Soundproofing is easy, so you don't need to be a professional. Your goal is to place the unit in containment with a good flow of air. One of the best materials to soundproof your tent or house is a blanket. It can block white noise and still allows fresh air to get in. You can place the blanket on the floor, hang it on windows, pin it on the ceiling, or hang it over your door. Of course, you should pay attention to the size, density, weight, and thickness.

Turn down the power

The noise level of the loud generator is directly related to the power output. If you want to curb the noise level down, you should lower the power level. But the tradeoff is using appliances that require less power.

Build a baffle box

You should ensure there's enough space for insulation. For this one to work, cut drywall to specific dimensions and attach a mass of loaded vinyl. This is an excellent soundproofing material for those on a tight budget.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to make your noisy generator as quiet as a cricket. The truth is - making your generator quitter doesn't have to be complicated. Regardless of the method you use, follow the above tips to ensure you make a worthwhile investment. In case you were not able to make your generator quiet enough, be sure to check our article on Pulsar generator reviews.

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by Nelson