Best Wet Sandblasting Kits Under $100 in Review

As much as the use of wet sandblasting kits is concerned, avoid those that are poorly designed. All agree that terrible ones have a low flow rate, have rigid pistol/nozzle grip, and constricted chopper.

With that being said, here are wet sandblasting kit reviews for you. Without further ado, let's look at the products!

Reviews of the Top Wet Sandblasting Kits

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Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sand Blasting Kit

We like Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sand Blasting Kit because it's affordable and quickly gets the job done. You will find this wet sand blaster useful for removing rust coating on metal surfaces.

At a minimum flow rate of 3 GPM, this wet sand blasting kit can remove rust that has just recently been developed on a metal surface.

The nozzle is narrowly designed. That's why you may use this product for cleaning the insides of metal tanks, tubes, and similar objects.

We're a bit downhearted that this product doesn't come with its own sand tank and sand recycling function. The manufacturers should add these to make the Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sand Blasting Kit trusty for large cleaning projects.

The hose needs to be longer. Its length does not allow to free the nozzle up and down or side to side. Still, we appreciate that the manufacturer provided two clamps that securely attach the hose on the nozzle and the sand tube.


  • The nozzle is narrow and may be inserted inside metal tanks, metal tubes, metal pipes, and other similar objects
  • Operates at 3,000 psi minimum and 5,000 psi maximum
  • Cleans rust well
  • The free goggle fits nicely on the head and doesn't fog easily
  • It does not have its own sand tank

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Angela and Alex Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

Alex Angela and Alex Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit's flow rate isn't as good as the previous product. With that said, this product is only suitable for removing graffiti, paint, and coatings from hard surfaces. As for cleaning rust, only heaven knows if this sandblaster works.

Even if its cleaning capacities aren't that great, we like this product nevertheless. This is due to the hefty amount of its accessories.

This product offers four hose clamps, a 3-meter hose, and two rubber bands.

Not to mention, four interchangeable ceramic nozzles come with this product. You may use any of these to adjust the flow rate.

The nozzles are made of clay. They excellently resist the heat that comes from the friction of sand particles' movement inside the nozzle.

This sandblaster isn't picky with sand. Sands that you may use for removing the coating of hard surfaces are dry silica sand, baking soda, or fine river sand.


  • 3-meter long hose
  • Heat resistant sand wand/nozzle
  • Comes with a hefty number of accessories
  • Uses silica sand, baking soda, and fine river sand
  • Hardly reaches 4 GPM flow output
  • Free goggle is flimsy
  • Not suitable for removing rust

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Agimaan Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit

If the hose is your concern, then the Agimaan Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit is what you need. This wet sandblaster's sand wand/nozzle connects to a 10-meter long transparent hose that's either made out of rubber or polyethylene.

Let's put our attention on the nozzle. To compliment the length of the hose, the nozzle spans 15.75 inches. Together, the long nozzle and hose provide a lot of reaches. That's why we highly recommend this product for pressure washing large trucks.

Two nozzle pistols allow for the versatile use of this product. This product provides two sandblasting modes for better precision and cleaning power. Switching between the pistols allows you to use the sandblasting modes of the Agimaan Pressure Washer Sandblasting Kit.

This product's maximum operation 3200 PSI. This is the only thing that we find problematic.


  • 10-meter long hose
  • 10.75-inch long nozzle
  • Two nozzle pistols with unique blasting modes
  • Operates only at 3200 PSI, so it doesn't provide a quick clean

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Selkie Pressure Washer Sandblast Kit

The Selki Pressure Washer Sandblasting comes with two nozzles. You may use each for either dry sandblasting or wet sandblasting. With that said, you will get two tools with one purchase for a fixed price if you choose to buy this product.

Aside from dry sandblasting, the manufacturer also designed this wet sandblasting kit for blowing dust. You may operate this product at the minimal PSI to clean the inner components of electronics such as CPUs, speakers, mp3 players, etc.

This product's hose isn't made for durability. It can quickly flatten or crack when stepped on. With that said, you might want to get another hose to use this product well.


  • A wet sand blaster and dry sand blaster
  • Designed to blow dust from objects
  • Hose isn't durable
  • The sand wand has an awkward design

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Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sand Blaster Kit, 2500 PSI

Compared to the first product on this review, this Tool Daily Pressure Washer Sandblaster Kit is more suitable for slow and steady removal of rust and coating. This wet sandblasting kit is great for sensitive metal surfaces because it doesn't shoot sand hard.

This sandblaster comes with a dry sand wand and wet sandblaster nozzles, just like the product above. However, due to its low PSI operation, using dry sandblasting isn't that great. Avoid using sands with large particles because they might cause clogging.


  • Allows for slow and steady cleaning
  • Great for sensitive surfaces
  • The quick-connect feature might not work all the time
  • Malfunctions if water enters the nozzle

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TwinkleStar Pressure Washer Sand Blaster Kit

The TwinkleStar Pressure Sand Washer Kit is very durable. It has a brass and stainless steel construction that excellently holds well against denting, bending, and other forms of damage.

You may use silica sand, wet sand, dry sand, and baking soda with this product. However, we find that this product only displays a passing performance with baking soda. This wet sand blaster instead becomes flimsy when other sands are used.

Also, we are a bit skeptical about the construction of the sand tube. It has a strangely wide beamlike construction, making it difficult to put on the sand bucket.


  • Sturdy wet sandblasting kit
  • Rigidly designed sand tube
  • Flow rate is erratic when operated at 5000 PSI
  • Clamps develop rust quickly


These wet sandblaster kit reviews aim to show you some viable choices that are proven and tested. We're not saying that you should buy these.

Our job is to show you the strengths and weaknesses of the above products. Out of all that we showed, set your eyes upon our recommendation.

If you know others who are looking for trusty sandblasters, share these wet sandblasting kit reviews with them. We will keep reviewing products about home and building. Keep coming!

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